Uses of Papaya for Weight loss, Diabetes & Skin care

The benefits of Papaya for weightloss and other disorders
Papaya offers wide benefits in dietary perspective including shedding weight

Papaya is very beneficial for our health! In the long term, eating one papaya every day delivers very impressive results. It helps the digestive system to work more efficiently. New observation provide evidences of Papaya for weight loss, diabetes and skin care.

The fruit believed to have originated in Centra America and southern Mexico, provides dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals to the body. When consumed in its natural form, the fruit retains its true nutritional value to deliver the benefits.

How papaya helps for weight loss ?

Certain enzymes help papaya for weight loss
Papaya encourages weight loss

Studies reveal that digestive disorders cause obesity[2]. Conversely, better digestion helps in weight-loss. In this regard, papaya can be beneficial. An enzyme called papain present in papaya, improved your digestion. Papain also heals wounds and treats allergies naturally.

Papaya also contains another weightloss friendly constituent called pantothenic acid which converts food into energy. Additionally, when you lose weight, your heart too becomes more healthy. Why? Because, weightloss means less fat deposit in the arteries and thereby, low risk of heart diseases.

The antioxidants coupled with potassium, fibre and magnesium in papaya fruit collectively boost the functioning of the digestive system and the heart.

Again, folate in papaya also indirectly promotes weight loss by breaking complex carbohydrates into simple sugars i.e. energy and thus encouraging better digestion.

Papaya for Diabetic Patients

Unripe Papaya fruits are also found to be beneficial in type 2 diabetes

Studies[1] reveal that unripe papaya significantly lowers serum glucose. No wonder, eating Papaya is a healthy and safe diet for people suffering from high sugar.

In fact, unstable glucose level creates a risk of nerve damage and heart disorders for diabetic people. That’s why this antioxidant-rich fruit is beneficial by jointly promoting cell repair and guarding against life-threatening conditions.

Papaya extract uses for skin

Papaya is good for skin health
Papaya is good for skin health

The pulp of papaya from the peel of the unripe fruit improves skin tone and exfoliates dead cells. In fact, green papaya peel extract keeps your skin hydrated due to the high content of water present in it.

You can get rid of dark circles fast by applying the papaya pulp on the affected area. Even, consuming papaya fruit protects a person from getting heatstroke and similar heat-related problems.

The fruit extract application keeps your face skin radiant and glowing. Natural papaya masks are also available in the market to get youthful and healthy-looking skin. You can easily prepare these herbal face masks at home.

Nutritional/Herbal Benefits of Papaya

Papaya for weight loss, diabetes and skin enhancement infographic
Infographic: Papaya’s top benefits

In 100 grams of Papaya, one can get 43 Kilocalories of energy. It is a rich source of Vitamin C comprising 75% of the total volume, phytochemicals, moderate traces of folate and nutrients.

Papaya leaves are used in traditional medicine as a herbal abortifacient substance to terminate the pregnancy. The leaves also serve as a natural laxative to loosen stool and remove constipation. The leaves of this plant are used as a cure for malaria for centuries.

Yellow Fruits Category Advantages

Papaya’s nutritional benefits are never-ending.

As counted amongst the yellow fruits, they are rich in Vitamin C, Bioflavonoids and Carotenoids. As a matter of fact, yellow fruits are a solution to problems such as hypertension, pulmonary diseases and cataract.

Improves Immunity Power

It helps strengthen the immunity power by its beta-carotene that provides Vitamin A along with Vitamin C to the body. Consuming papaya helps getting rid of minor problems like influenza and infections.

Constipation’s Natural Remedy

Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin E and K, calcium, iron, phosphorus, carbohydrates and protein are other nutrients provided by papaya. The feeling of inflammation also is cured by papaya as it soothes the sensation through chymopapain present in it.

Constipation too is cured by papaya. The fruit is highly beneficial for the intestine too. One can get rid of worms in the stomach by chewing two teaspoonfuls of papaya’s seeds with honey.

Protects Against Cancer

Among its many benefits is also its pus and mucus curing capability. People involved in sports and games must consume this fruit on a regular basis as it heals injuries faster. The intake of this fruit also heals the poisons that cause cancer in the body.. It is also a great preventive measure for colon cancer according to beliefs.

Cures Nausea Tendency

Another very useful benefit of papaya is its ability to fight nausea. It puts an end to all kinds of motion sickness and also morning sickness experienced during pregnancy. You can even consume papaya as a tea to get similar gains.

Fights Cardiovascular Diseases

Atherosclerosis too can be prevented by consuming papaya.

Heart diseases caused due to diabetes are another form of problems that could be put an end to through regular papaya consumption as it lowers down the cholesterol levels.