Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes – 10 Powerful Remedies

Dark Circles under the eyes

Why dark circles occur in the first place? Well! There are several contributing factors (including genetics!) for this problem.

So, even you get good results from those fast home remedies, the bags under the eyes keeps coming back because people do not pay attention to its common root causes. Let us find it !

Get rid of dark circles under eyes - 10 powerful home remedies

1. Not getting adequate sleep

Sleep disturbances include excessive sleepiness or not able to attain a sound sleep due to tiredness.

The cause of improper sleep can be anything from gazing your Smartphone in dark to late-night parties. Certain medical conditions that interfere with sleep also affect under-eye circles.

Effects: Over the time this erratic life style harms the production of collagen protein which is responsible for thickening of skin below the eyes that hides the veins which otherwise, become visible due to a dull skin. Due to this, veins and blood vessels causes dark circles to appear.

Remedy: Restraining life and better sleep help to get rid of the raccoon eyes.

2. Drinking water can get rid of dark eyes

A proper consumption of water is extremely important for the body. In this reference, drinking water can definitely get rid of dark eyes.

When you consume less amount of water, the cells around your eyes gets dehydrated gets wrinkled. An adequate supply of water to the body, hence, gets rid of the skin of toxins.

Effects: Dehydration or less amount of water in the body affects skin below eyes and commonly results in sunken eye socket dark circles.

Remedy: Provide sufficient amount of water to your body. Statistically, consuming 10-12 glasses of water daily should be enough to remove body toxins and dark circles.

3. Aging affects under eye circles

When you grow older, your body begins to lose fatty tissues resulting in formation of tear trough deformity beneath the eyes.

It is normal process of getting older and you cannot stop the clock, however, if you want to save your skin (and eyes) and prolong its radiance, you require to take special care.

Effects: Bags under your eyes become more prominent with progressing age.

Remedy: Supplement your diet with collagen rich sources like berries, tomatoes and salmon. If you need fast remedy go for a cold compress or retinol eye cream.

4. Iron Deficiency affects skin below the eyes

Iron deficiency also known as anemia is another reason for the appearance of dark circles below your eyes. This is because it causes the veins below the eyes to look more noticeable.

Effect:  The absence of sufficient oxygen to the under-eye tissues due to lack of iron causes pigmentation (darkening) around the area.

Remedy: Get your iron levels checked after a doctor’s consultation. Supplement your diet with iron-rich food.

Some other common causes of dark circles are sun exposure, strain on your eyes muscles or allergic reactions, stress and anxiety and diseases like thyroid and liver disorders.

Dark Circles under eyes : Best Home Remedies

Dark circles under eyes are a common problem all across gender and age group above 16 years. There are many reasons for the dark circles under the eyes. We will dig into the best natural ingredients for dark circles.

There are many products in the market which claim to treat the dark circles of the eyes. Some times alum powder is also used for curing dark circles as alum is found to be beneficial in skin whitening.

As most of these products are expensive and have harmful chemicals we will try to explore commonly available best home remedies to Get rid of dark circles under eyes.

1 Cucumber treat eyes bags

Cucumber Juice remedy for dark circle

Cucumber is considered to be beneficial in the treatment of dark circles even recommended by skin experts.Its cooling and astringent properties eases puffiness and discourages the accumulation of fluid under your eyes and increase blood circulation under eye.

  • Cut a cucumber into thick slices and then keep it in the fridge for some time to cool down.
    Now one slice each for 10 to 15 minutes on both your eyes.
    After that, wash that area with warm hot water.
    Continue this treatment twice a day and dark circles under eyes will vanish.
  • Grind a small cucumber and take out the juice and refrigerate it for a few minutes.
    Now soak a piece of cotton and apply it around your eyes.
    Leave it for 15 minutes so that the skin can absorb that juice well.
    Then , wash the skin with light warm hot water.
    Repeat this twice a day.
  • Yet another solution to remove the dark circles of eyes – Mix the cucumber juice and lemon juice in equal quantity.
    Now soak a piece of cotton in it and place it in a dark circle area.
    Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash with water.
    Do this treatment once a day for 7 days.

2 Potato to remove dark circles

Potato - a natural bleaching agent helps in lightening dark circles

Potatoes have natural bleaching properties which can help to lighten the dark circles under the eyes.

It also helps in curing the puffiness surrounding the eyes.

  1. Keep two potatoes in the fridge for one hour to cool down.
  2. Peel it off and make juice by grinding.
  3. Before sleeping at night, soak a piece of cotton in this juice and apply it on the black circles of the eyes.
    Wash it well with warm water in the morning.
  4. For best results , continue this treatment for two consecutive weeks.

3 Tea bags for dark spots

Due to the richness of antioxidants and tannins, green tea bags help a lot in removing the dark spots. The oxidant called tannin present in this cures inflammation and puffiness.

  1. Boil two green tea bags in one and a half cup water for 10 minutes.
  2. Take out the tea bags and keep it in the fridge for one and a half hour for cooling.
    Place these Tea bags over your eyes for 15 minutes.
  3. Repeat this treatment twice a day and in 7 days your dark circles are gone !

4 Rose water for dark circles under eyes

Rose water for darkcircle treatment

Rose water  is very beneficial to keep skin fresh , glowing and dark circle free. It is a good source of antioxidants that makes skin cells strong reducing fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.

  1. Soak a piece of cotton in rose water and place it around your eyes.
  2. After keeping it for 15 minutes, wash with hot water.
  3. Repeat this every morning and every evening to see improvements in 3 days.

5 Almond oil for eyes in dark circles

Almond Oil

Almond oil helps in fading the dark circle below the eyes.Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties along retinol, vitamin E, and vitamin K  helps to keep the skin soft and youthful.

  • Before sleeping every day, pour 5-6 almond oil drops on dark circles and massage.
  • Wake up in the morning and wash it with cold water.
  • Do this treatment every day until the black circles are completely removed.
  • Then, add 5-6 drops of almond oil to one teaspoon of honey.
  • Now, before sleeping, apply it on the black circles of the eyes and keep it overnight. Wake up in the morning and wash it with warm water.

6 Milk is natural moisturizer

Soaked Cotton in Milk on dark circles

Milk contains lactic acid which helps to make the skin soft and moisturizes the skin under the eyes.

Additionally , milk contains proteins, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants which are essential for maintaining the skin healthy and strong.

To remove dark circles and eye puffiness , milk can be used as a cold compress.

  1. First, let  a cup of milk cool in refrigerator and then soak a piece of cotton in it.
  2. Now put this cotton on your skin under your eyes.Keep it until it becomes normal from cool.
  3. Repeat this treatment two to three times a day for 7 days.

7 Tomato for eyes with dark circles

Tomatoes are also beneficial in removing the dark circles under the eyes.Its antioxidant called lycopene helps to lighten the dark circles.

  1. Make tomato paste .
    Now mix in it one teaspoon lemon juice, one pinch of turmeric and two teaspoons of wheat flour.
  2. Apply this paste on the dark circles.
  3. Wash it with warm hot water after 15 minutes
  4. Repeat this two or three times every week for 7 days.

8 Herbal remedies for dark circles : Mint

Mint has a cooling effect which also increases blood flow to the area and can help dark circles fade away.

1.Grind the leaves of a handful of fresh mint leaves and make a paste.

2. Squeeze half piece of lemon into it.

3. Apply this paste on the dark circles.

4. Wash it with hot water after 10 to 15 minutes.

5. Repeat this once in a day for 1 week for best results.

9 Coconut oil around eyes for natural cure

Coconut oil helps to moisturize the delicate and thin skin under the eyes.Its application on skin gradually fades and vanishes dark circles under the eyes.

  1. Before sleeping at night, apply  coconut oil on the skin around the eyes massage lightly.
  2. Keep it overnight and then rinse it with hot water in the morning.
  3. Continue this treatment daily.This can remove dark under the eyes in a week.

10 Fenugreek advantages in dark circles

Fenugreek Seeds and dark spots remedy

Seeds of fenugreek have high vitamin C, potassium and proteins which help to fade out the dark circles. More so , it also balances the skin’s pH level and maintains skin tone.

  1. Dip 2 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds in water for 24 hours.
  2. Now grind these seeds and make a paste.
  3. In this paste mix one and a half spoon turmeric powder and one spoon raw milk.
  4. Apply this paste around your eyes.
  5. Rinse it with cold water after 15 minutes.
  6. Repeat this treatment every day.You will see a striking difference in a week.

Another most effective, yet to follow easy home remedies to get rid of dark circles is taking an adequate sleep.  That is simply because, lack of sleep causes strained blood vessels, especially, around the eye area leading to
accumulation of blood. This makes the eyes look more puffy and darker in appearence.

Regularly follow the above powerful treatments to remove the dark circles below the eyes.In fact , these treatments are very effective and it has no any side effects.