Need good health ? Take a walk!

Walking Benefits

In today’s stressful world it is very important to take care of your health. For a healthier lifestyle it is important to have a balanced diet. You must always take care of what you eat as eating healthy food is a great way of ditching diseases. Another thing that helps in maintaining the over all fitness for people of all ages is walking. Walking in the morning or evening has innumerable advantages associated with it.

If you are planning to shed those extra kilos go for brisk walking. The results will be truly surprising. A walking schedule everyday can help you maintain that perfect figure or a physique. If going to gymnasium daily is difficult for you, just grab your ipod and set out to walk listening to your favourite music that would keep your energy levels high.

Benefits of walking

Walking reduces many potential ailments

There are many benefits of walking. Walking is a form of cardiovascular exercise so it helps keep the heart healthy. People of all ages must walk to keep the heart and lungs fit. This reduces the chances of having a heart attack or heart strokes in later stage of life.

Problems such as high blood pressure, hypertension, thyroid, diabetes, joints pain, high cholesterol and muscle stiffness can all be cured by walking. Bones too become stronger and the stamina level increases manifolds.

Duration of your Walk

Walking With Pet

If you are a beginner and walking is new to your fitness regime then start with about 15 minutes of walking. Later, as time passes, your body will get acquainted and used to the new routine, increase your time or distance covered then. If you lack time 30 to 45 minutes of walking is perfect for a healthy body. If that too is not possible, try walking up through stairs at your office instead of taking the lift. Cover more and more distance by foot. For example, if you need to buy grocery products from near by shop, walk down. If you have a pet, take on the responsibility of taking it for a walk. Whenever possible walk.

Morning vs Evening walk which one is better ?

Morning is the best time for walking

The pace at which you walk depends on the age and fitness level. If you have a history of medical problems or are suffering with any at the moment consult your doctor before you start with walking.

If you are young apart from walking get enrolled yourself in fun activity camps in summers. Go trekking. Walk for longer distances. Walk at a faster speed, jog or run.

For best results morning walk is advised. Although walking in the evening is also good for health, but the morning time gives exceptional results. A good walk in the fresh air in the morning would make you feel younger, more energetic, healthy and full of life. So, if you want a good health, go walking!



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