Smoking has ill effects on IQ levels says a study.

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Smoking is indeed injurious to health. It poses problems like lung cancer, bronchitis, asthma etc. and is bad for overall health of the body. It is also true that smoking reduces the number of years you are going to live. But a recent study by Dr. Mark Weiser, Sheba Medical Centre, Tel Hashomer, it was discovered that people who smoke are more likely have lower Intelligence Quotient (IQ) levels than the non smokers.

Smokers at the receiving end

People indulging in smoking must better quit smoking as this will not only affect the number of years they live, their life at work could also be affected. Quitting smoking can lead to faster and sharper brains and intelligence levels. Dr. Weiser through his research concluded that smokers had 7.5 points lower IQ levels than non smokers. As many people start smoking in teenage this tremendously affects their brain. They are observed to have lower IQ levels. So Dr. Weiser’s colleagues are developing programs that help teenagers quit smoking.

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