Green Papaya tea benefits for Arthritis and Uric acid!

Papaya Tea is a nice remedy for Arthritis

You might have taken different types of tea, but we bet you rarely have heard about tea of ​​papaya. However, papaya tea is extremely beneficial for health especially for people with arthritis. It reduces the amount of uric acid in the body and cures the swelling of joints.

Also, it is helpful in keeping your digestion correct. In this context another unconventional but effective onion tea, also benefits in correcting the digestion.

Recent studies on this disease emphasize dietary changes to decrease the symptoms of the condition.

Your diet must include ‘good food’ like fish, nuts and fruits.

Papaya has been regarded as the best natural medicine for arthritis. It contains important digestive enzymes and anti-inflammatory compounds. The anti-inflammatory compound in papaya called papain decreases irritation and stiffness in painful joints.

Papaya tea is highly beneficial in increasing platelets in dengue patients. It flushes out the toxic elements from the body.

Let us find out what is the recipe for making papaya tea.

Papaya Tea Ingredients

  1. 50 ml of water
  2. 180 grams sliced pieces of green papaya
  3. 1 spoon of green tea/2 bags of green tea

Method of preparing tea –

  1. First, pour some water into a container.
  2. Now put the pieces of sliced green papaya in it.
  3. Place this water on the fire for heating.
  4. When the water starts boiling, switch off the flame and let the water cool slightly for 10 minutes.
  5. Now filter this water and separate pieces of papaya.
  6. Place a green tea bag or green tea leaves in water and leave for 3 minutes.
  7. Have this tea when only hot.

Benefits of Papaya Tea in Arthritis Disease

Video: Health Benefits of Papaya Tea

Arthritis occurs when the amount of uric acid in blood increases. Now, papaya contains properties that control the amount of uric acid.

In this way, sipping papaya tea reduces the amount of uric acid in the body and provides relief from arthritis. Even, adding papaya to your daily diet removes all types of swelling in the body.