What to take for a toothache? Check these 9 home remedies that help!

Home Cures: What to take for a toothache

Toothache is among the most painful and terrible aches one can ever have. In such a condition a person tends to feel inflammation, redness, irritation, pain, swelling and soreness in and around the affected tooth or teeth. It could lead to the inability in consuming food, chewing and if the pain increases it could also lead to headaches and slight fever. People wonder what to take for a toothache as home remedies, the post answers this!

There are some easy home remedies that could be adopted to get relief from the pain and soreness. Consuming medicines all the time can be bad for the health so it is always wiser to take the help of natural methods to heal the pain. Some of the very effective remedies have been given below.

#1 Garlic clove rubbed in salt

Placing a garlic clove rubbed in salt on the affected tooth helps a great deal in bringing relief to the pain. Chewing a raw garlic clove early in the morning before consuming anything is a great way of strengthening teeth and also lowering down cholesterol levels.

#2 Raw onion remedy

Consuming raw onion every day also helps kill all the germs and protect teeth from decay or bacterial attack and thus lessening down the chances of toothache.

Clove is a natural healer in tooth pain

#3 Asafoetida and lemon juice

Mix asafoetida and lemon juice making a solution out of it. Heat it and dip a cotton ball in it. Place it on the affected area. This will help to bring relief to the painful tooth.

#4 Lemon peels

You could also rub a lemon piece on the affected area. The natural teeth whitener is also considered to be a great healer of dental problems.

#5 Clove oil

Rubbing clove oil on the affected tooth helps to bring down the pain to a great extent. Chewing a clove every day helps in strengthening teeth from the roots.

#6 Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is another toothache healer. It is said to be bringing out all the toxins from within the gums hence lowering down the pain a great deal. So chew on wheatgrass for relief.

Lemon Juice is also provides relief in tooth pain

#7 Mixture of pepper & salt

A mixture of pepper powder and salt further helps bring down the pain in the tooth. Just apply it to the affected area and feel the difference. A solution of clove oil and pepper too can be rubbed on the aching tooth to get relief.

#8 Peeled potato

Take a slice of peeled potato and place it on the aching area for about 15 to 20 minutes. It will relieve you of the pain. Another easy way of lessening toothache is to put 2-3 drops of vanilla essence on the aching tooth.

#9 Chewing guava leaves

Drinking hot beverages also help a great deal in bringing relief to the pain. Chewing guava leaves helps too. Rinse mouth with whiskey for relief from toothache. Another solution is to rinse your mouth with a glass of warm water containing a pinch of salt.

The remedies given above are sure shot ways to get relief from toothache but if nothing helps greatly visit your dentist immediately.