Quick remedies for treating nausea

Mint based chewing gums help while nausea

Nausea triggers a terrible feeling of dizziness accompanied with vomiting sensations. It could happen because many reasons such as travelling, pregnancy, certain illness, any medicine, severe headache or indigestion. Such a feeling is very discomforting and overcoming it becomes high priority thing for anyone.

It is important to note that in the first trimester of pregnancy these feelings are natural and there nothing to panic about. However if you continue to vomit many times and nausea becomes inevitable you must seek help of your gynecologist.

There are a few people who feel nausea while traveling to hilly areas, by sea, in an airplane or even travelling in plane terrains. Nausea could be avoided by taking help of some simple and easy methods. They are

  • Never overeat or consume junk or oily food before travelling.
  • When you are travelling never look side ways look straight and be comfortable.
  • Never read while you are on the go, this triggers the feelings of nausea.
  • Listen to music, but not at high volumes, to divert your mind from nausea.
  • Consume mouth fresheners.
  • Have mint flavored chewing gums.
  •  You could also consume mint leaves too.
  • Take a little piece of ginger, chew it and take in its juice slowly. Ginger brings great relief from nausea.
  • Consuming some lemon juice is also a great nausea healer.
  • Carbonated drinks again are a good solution to this problem.
  • Cardamom and cloves when chewed too bring relief to nausea.
  • There are a few anti nausea medicines available in the market. You could take help of them after consulting you doctor. Always carry them with you if you feel nausea while travelling or otherwise.
  • Consumption of any spicy food also cures nausea. Make sure it is not excessively spicy.
  • While or before travelling never consume lots of water. It is bound to trigger nausea.
  • If the nausea is occurring due to something unhealthy you might have consumed, an unrelenting headache or due to temporary indigestion and is becoming uncontrollable then you might choose to vomit as it brings permanent relief. However if vomiting occurs more than twice immediately visit your doctor as it could be something greater than plain indigestion or headache.
  • If the feeling of nausea is due to the reaction of any medicine you must visit your doctor immediately to avoid any complications.
  • Seek help of acupressure when suffering from nausea. Press the area between your index finger and thumb for a few seconds and release. Repeat it a few times and see it work wonderfully.

By taking help of these simple measures you could easily ditch the feeling of nausea and be comfortable, hail and hearty.