How to make your teeth white naturally from yellow !

Several methods are available to make your teeth white naturally from yellow.

A shining white teeth adds a new dimension to your personality.

It is no secret that a proper brushing followed by cleaning of the teeth twice daily is a good habit. It makes your teeth healthy and remove stains from teeth

Gutakha , Pan , Tobacco , Cigarette , Alcohol like things destroy the shining of your teeth.These items weaken the root of your teeth.

The first disease of teeth is the yellow layer which is called tartar.This yellowness is not corrected by brushing .Consequently , it becomes a house of tartar and germs .

According to dental experts , it is a misconception that dental cleaning leads to weakening of the teeth .In fact , it destroys the bone decaying germs .

On the contrary, there is no major role of toothpaste in cleaning your teeth .Teeth can be cleaned well even by brushing only.

To add , clean your  teeth by any soft brush gently to keep it in good condition.

What causes a yellow teeth ?

Yellow Teeth Causes

In the absence of proper cleaning or consumption of tobacco, cigarette and alcohol your teeth become yellow.

Many a times , due to Tetracycline drug a yellow stain appear on the teeth . The antibiotics tetracycline and doxycycline are known to discolour teeth when given to children whose teeth are still developing.

In the absence of correct knowledge , people try chemicals for cleaning the teeth.This also affects colour and health of the teeth.

Another aspect is that , with age , a layer of enamel accumulates on the teeth with the age causing the teeth to become yellow .

On the other hand , bad food habits also contribute to  yellow teeth.Not to mention , teeth also becomes yellow due to consumption of tea , coffee and soft drinks .

Also , Vitamin D and Calcium work together to strengthen teeth and bones.Consequently , the lack of vitamin D causes issues related to the teeth. .

How to make yellow teeth white ?

Cigarette Stains on White Teeth

Dental world has made a lot of progress today .

So , brightness of the teeth can be returned through whitener , shiner and special chemicals .

Above all , the yellowness of the teeth , yellow stains , stains of gutakha , tobacco etc can be removed by dental bleaching.In essence , you can make your teeth white naturally from yellow with modern dental treatments.

There are several types of dental bleaching.

Chair side whitening

The whiteness of teeth can be returned in an hour by this procedure through machine .

Chemical bleaching

According to a California based general & cosmetic dental services provider, the stains of the teeth are removed in this method by using certain medicines called dental bleaching agents. Generally , these are done in the clinic only .

For this type of treatment,  a patients has to take  2-3 seating’s.

Home bleaching

These can be done at the home only .

For this , a special tray  is given which you can wear at night.

This process takes 6-8 days .

Teeth Bleaching has no side effect

There is no side effect of dental bleaching .

It does not adversely affect the teeth .But , there is a need to take certain precautions.

We should apply cream on the teeth given by the dentist immediately after bleaching to prevent sensitivity.

Many a times , the sensitivity increases in the teeth after the process of bleaching , but , these are temporary .

Equally important , is taking the diet prescribed by the doctor for some days after bleaching .

Some people complain troubles like pain in gums , sore throat or white stains but these are not long lasting symptoms .

Home Remedies for making your teeth white naturally from yellow

Home Remedies for yellow teeth

Baking Soda and Salt Mixture

The yellowness of your teeth can be removed by rubbing baking soda on the teeth.

In a word , dip your brush directly in baking soda and pinch of salt mix and brush with it.

Salt Brushing

There is both sodium and chloride in salt which is helpful in reducing the yellowness of the teeth .Not to forget that salt is also a great healer in tooth ache treatment.

However , we should not use it in excess as it may damages the teeth as well.

Sugar-less Chewing Gum

Doctors suggest to have chewing gum (sugar-less) after a meal.

If you can not brush your teeth after every meal then you should chew a chewing gum for at least 20 minutes .

This leads the teeth washed by saliva and which in turn , prevents acid formation in the plaque.

Rubbing with Lemon/Strawberry

If you have a shining teeth then you can also try rubbing lemon or strawberry on your teeth .

These things deliver shining to your teeth naturally.But , it should be used occasionally only.

Chewing Stick in Lemon water

Mix juice of half lemon into one glass of water.

Dip chewing stick in it whole night.

Use this chewing stick  only in the morning .

The yellowness of your teeth will be gradually removed by this methods .

In short , try to do brushing with a chewing stick at least once time in a week.This will keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy .

Indian Bay leaves (Tejpatta) Powder

Indian bay leaves is a common Indian spice used in ayurvedic medicine as well. Besides being using in treatment of migraines, these wonder leaves are quite beneficial for skin, hair and teeth.

How to make Indian Bay leaves powder!

  • Dry the bay leaves in the sun.
  • Collect and grind them and make a fine powder.
  • Brush your teeth with this powder for three days.
  • Very Soon, your teeth will shine like a pearl .

Turmeric , mustard and salt paste

Tumeric has well known anti-inflammatory and natural shining properties, making it useful for home dental care.

Similarly, mustard oil is a natural astringent which is effective against gingivitis and other dental problems.

Likewise, Salt is an antiseptic which restricts bacterial growth. Together as a paste, these three can deliver the best shining and healthy teeth.

How to make custom natural paste ?

  • Take one teaspoon of turmeric, one teaspoon of mustard oil and a pinch of salt.
  • Massage your teeth with this paste daily.
  • No sooner, your teeth will become strong and yellowness of your teeth will vanish.