Short term effects of tobacco smoking: Good & Bad!

Short term effects of tobacco : Advantages & Drawbacks

Tobacco smoking has a bad name due to the presence of two harmful compounds – Nicotine and Harmala. Most people do not care about the short term effects of tobacco. These early indications, however, turn into more harmful complications, in the long run. 

‘Good’ Short term effects of tobacco smoking

Why people smoke tobacco?  

Because its an addiction which is hard to quit! The nicotine produces the biphasic effect of frequent urge to have cigarettes. And yes, it has short term effects, that you believe, is making you feel good.

Natural aids can help people to quit smoking by providing them with natural remedies, such as herbs, supplements, and vitamins, that can help to reduce cravings and the physical withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking.

Is tobacco smoking any good?

Tobacco’s has an immediate and short-lived feel-good factor. It is responsible for some quick effects, for example-

  • Stress buster: Nicotine in tobacco is a stress reliever, decreasing anxiety or tension.
  • Suppresses hunger: Smoking tobacco suppresses appetite, consequently, helping in weight loss.
  • Mental Alertness: The most common short term effect is that it makes a person more alert and focussed.

‘Negative’ short term effects on the body

Inhaling tobacco smoke in the form of cigarette spikes nicotine levels in the blood, which rushes to the brain.

And in the brain, the compound forces adrenal glands[1] to produce Domapine hormone creating a feeling of happiness.

Yes, it is an artificial way, but that is the way it happens. 

Immediate consequences of tobacco smoking

Let us find out what harmful effects tobacco causes in the short run.

In most cases, chewing tobacco short term effects are similar to smoking. The only difference lies, how they are absorbed in the body after intake.

  • Effects of tobacco on the heart:  Nicotine of tobacco make the arterial walls hard, leading to a heart attack. The plaque deposit in coronary arteries also intensifies with smoking.
  • Short term effects of tobacco on the skin: It results in oxidative stress on the body. As a result, oxygen supply to the skin and nails are adversely affected. Hence, it causes the fingernails, to turn yellow. Also, the nicotine creates stains on the nails and fingers.
  • Increased blood pressure and heart rate: Smoking tobacco cigarette affects adrenalin working causing the production of Norepinephrine. The hormone narrows the blood vessels increasing the blood pressure. 
  • Short term effects of tobacco on the lungs: As an immediate effect, the tobacco adversely affects the lung function. It causes increased sensitivity and irritation of the airways. Smoking makes a person more prone to lung disorders like asthma.
  • Faster breathing: The inflammation of the air passage, due to smoking, restricts the circulation of oxygen in the body. This act results in an increase in respiration rate with visual signs of heavy breathing in smokers.
  • Bad Breath: As an instant effect, the tobacco in a cigarette cause poor saliva production. This impact creates a dry mouth leading to bad breath.
  • Lowers IQ: Some recent studies have shown that smoking negatively affects the cognitive skills.
  • Black hairy tongue: The most short term side effect of smoking is a black hairy tongue. It is an accumulation of dead skin cells, causing fungal growth promoted by stained nicotine.
  • Discolouration of the teeth: The most prominent effect of tobacco happens on the gums and teeth. It causes a lack of oxygen and nutrients to the gums, making them prone to gums and periodontal diseases. The nicotine in tobacco, reacts with teeth chemically, causing discolouration.
  • Taste loss: Smoking destroys your taste buds by altering the blood supply. The lower taste sensitivity of tobacco smokers decreases their ability to identify food flavours.
  • Weak immune system: It makes the person more susceptible to infection and diseases. The smoking makes, the recovery slow, after surgery. Due to the destruction of antibodies by toxins in smoke, people become more prone to breathing disorders.
Infographic representation of quick effects of tobacco smoking
Short Terms Effect of Tobacco Smoking : An infographic