Its the time ! Quit Smoking for yourself.

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Tips to help in  quitting smoking habitSmoking is one of the worst habits or addictions one can have. Its hazardous health affects are innumerable. This is one habit that everyone must get rid of.  Smoking is not only bad for the person who is addicted to it but also for the people who live with him/her. The others around him, in such a case will be called passive smokers as they too are inhaling the smoke indirectly.

There are many ways to get rid of this hazardous problem. You may opt for the one that suits best to you.

Curb your smoking urge with Juices

The first way to get rid of smoking is increasing more liquid intake. By drinking lots of liquid the ill effects of nicotine get reduced to a great extent as it gets flushed out of the body. Whenever you got the urge to smoke, try having fresh juices. You can also opt for mock tails that help you feel better.

Chewing Gum also helps .

Another way to ditch this habit is to replace smoking with some oral substitute. You may opt for a mint candy, cinnamon, clove or a chewing gum too. Most of the people who are trying to quit smoking take help of this method which is considered the easiest among all. You may also chew on some snacks too. Chew on nuts, carrots or some fresh fruits. This will help the strong smoking urge to subside and will also prove to be a great for your health.

Stay away from sugar and alcohol

One thing you must not depend on is caffeine rich eatables and drinks. They are smoking desire stimulating edibles. Alcohol and sugar too is one of them.

Its hard to     quit smoking but you can !Divert your mind

Directing energies towards a specific goal is also a good way of getting rid of this habit. You can get yourself enrolled in some hobby classes or a gym. This will divert your mind and keep you busy.

Meditating and Yoga are also great ways that help quitting smoking. These will improve your concentration, determination and will power and keep your body fit and disease free.

Get Social

Another great way can be announcing among your friends and family. Declare that you are going to leave this habit in specified number of days. This will make you aware and conscious that everybody knows you are on a mission of quitting smoking and public declaration would mean sticking to the plan and getting rid of it in the number of days you have specified.

Quitting smoking is not a crash course

Don’t keep the duration short. Give yourself time of a month or two. This will not pose as something you must bother about but give you ample time to get rid of the habit. Remember the goal is to quit smoking and not setting a record of leaving the habit in lesser time span.

The last but not the least throw away all your cigarettes and believe that what you are doing is right and beneficial for you. Feel happy that you are finally going to get rid of this awful habit of smoking.

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