Increase platelets count in dengue – Effective Natural Sources

In dengue platelet count can easily fall below 20,000.This condition can severely harm the immune system.There are many natural sources which can be tried to Increase platelets count.

As we all known that dengue is a viral infection caused by mosquitoes that causes serious flu-like illness.It directly affects platelet counts in body so that the life of the patient can be in danger.

There is no accurate vaccine to stop dengue and this is the reason that natural and easy treatments are very important in the treatment of dengue.

However ,  various treatments can be made on early detection of this disease.

Papaya Leaves Juice and Goats Milk in Dengue

One of the common home remedies of dengue is the juice of papaya leaves and goat’s milk.These are believed to do miracles !.

But an obvious question is that Do they really work ?

Does goat milk increase platelet count ? Can the platelet counts  be increased with papaya leaf juice ?

Papaya leaves juice for dengue

Papaya Leaves Juice for dengue treatment

Papaya and its leaves are the source of antioxidants and help in promoting the immune system.

Recent studies[1] have said that drinking about 25 ml papaya leaf juice at least twice a day helps to increase platelet count.

Papaya fruit is also the source of vitamin A and vitamin C. Also, the benefits of papaya for weight loss, diabetes, and skin care are well documented.

The leaves of papaya are enriched with enzymes that really increase the platelet count in dengue.Its antioxidant properties is beneficial in the Haemolysis (breaking of red blood cells) which affects the effect of dengue virus and so it is useful in the treatment of dengue-induced thrombocytopenia (low platelet count).

In this way , papaya leaves work best and for this purpose it should be consumed once or twice daily.

According to Ayurveda , fever occurs in a person due to a wrong balance in the body system.

Papaya leaves juice is rich in anti-oxidants, heals wounds, reduces fever, promotes protective white blood cells and creates body’s immune system. Bitter and unstable thing will help in fighting disease.

Does goat’s milk really increase platelet count ?

Goats milk is beneficial in platelets remains doubtful

Goat’s milk does help in recovery from dengue fever.But , there is no direct evidence that goat milk increase platelet count in dengue patients.

Goat’s milk is rich in selenium (a mineral) and is also beneficial anyway.

But its effectiveness in dengue patients is yet un-known.

In Ayurveda books, goat’s milk is said to help in recovering from dengue fever rapidly as the milk is light and easy to digest.

Increase platelets count in dengue – Other Natural Sources

Thorny Nightshade (Kantkari) Leaves

Thorny Nightshade (Kantkari) Leaves is used in dengue fever treatment in tribal medicine

The leaves extract of Thorny nightshade herb  mixed with pepper and ginger has been found to be beneficial dengue.

In this natural medicinal preparation , a concentrated liquor resulting from heating of Thorny Nightshade leaves along with  pepper and ginger is used to treat dengue fever.

This medicinal herb is traditionally used by Santhal tribals in West Bengal.

Giloy Stems and Leaves

Giloy leaves and stem helps in increasing blood platelet count in dengue patients

A syrup obtained from boiling of leaves and stem of giloy helps in increasing blood platelet count in dengue patients.It is also effective in reducing fever that dengue causes.

Giloy anti-oxidant properties boosts immunity helping speedy recover.

It should not be given to infants however.If a kid is over 5 years old the dose must not exceed 250 mg per day.This remedy is widely practiced by tribals across India.

Yellow Guava

Yellow guava is also seen to increase platelets count in dengue patients

Yellow guava is rich in phytochemicals  like vitamin A and C, flavonoids, essential oils, polyphenols, etc.

It has been studied that water boiled with guava leaves prevents bleeding in dengue hemorrhagic fever and increases platelet counts.