How to cure mouth ulcer fast-home remedies

More often , People in summer season get those painful lesions that appear in the mouth or at the base of the gums commonly called mouth ulcers.

This is not a great problem.But , if it is not treated at the right time they can become painful and cause inconvenience.

Today we are going to reveal you some magical home remedies to cure mouth ulcer fast and easy.

Why do we get mouth ulcer !

There are several reasons why people frequent mouth ulcers.

Firstly , this can be attributed to rough brushing , ill fitting braces , sodium lauryl supphate based tooth pastes , vitamin deficiencies , smoking quitters , stressful life.

Some underlying disease like coeliac disease, crohn’s disease, reactive arthritis also show their symptoms with mouth ulcers.

Interestingly , You can identify mouth ulcer by their typical circular/elliptical in shape
which are white, yellow, or grey in colour.They are red and inflamed around the edges.

Tips to Cure Mouth Ulcer – fast remedies


Mouth ulcers usually take  1 or 2 weeks to auto heal.If you need to cure mouth ulcer more fast naturally try these herbs.These have anti-inflammatory , astringent and analgesic properties.

Garlic Buds

You can cure mouth ulcer fast with garlic buds remedy

If you have ulcer in your mouth, then grind two – three garlic buds.

Now apply this paste on the ulcer.Rinse with cold water after half an hour.

Doing this will cure your mouth ulcer very fast.

Studies have proved that garlic buds have anti-inflammatory properties.

It is rich in sulphur-containing compound that strengthens immune system.

Tea-tree oil

Tea-tree oil’s has fast pain relieving and healing properties in mouth ulcer

Tea-tree oil contains abundant antibacterial properties.

It is also used as an important constituent in mouth washes.It is quite beneficial in removing dandruff from scalp.

Applying tea tree oils on the ulcers three to four times a day to remove the problem of mouth ulcers.

Doing so will make you comfortable.Tea-tree oil’s fast pain relieving and healing properties are magical.

Ice Cube

Application of ice cubes can help to suppress burning sensation of mouth ulcers

Rub ice piece on the ulcers. Ice cubes can numb the affected area and reduce the burning sensation.

By doing this five to five times a day your blisters will get cured.

Cold milk application

Application of mIlk help in treatment of mouth ulcer due to the presence of calcium in it.

There is abundant calcium in the milk.Hence , milk helps in in reducing the problem of mouth ulcers.

Wet  cotton in cold milk and apply it on the ulcer area.

By doing this you will get rid of the problem of mouth ulcer in a  just one day.