Yoga Asana exercises to remove Constipation, Acidity and Gas

The problems related to digestion are increasing in the people because of drinking too little water, doing little or no exercises and not paying attention to the kind of food they eat. As a result, constipation, acidity and gas becomes a daily issue to deal with.

Regular practice of yoga exercises like Vajrasan, Kapal Bhati and Agnisar not only removes constipation, gas and acidity but also improves the digestion.

We are revealing the benefit and precautions of these yoga exercises.

Vajrasan Exercise

Vajrasan Method and Benefits

Vajrasana is one of the best yoga exercises to remove constipation and digestive disorders. It provides power to the muscles of the stomach and uterus.

Benefits of Vajrasan

Constipation & acidity: This yoga asana is very useful for patients of chronic constipation, stomach disorders and digestive problems.

Sciatica Remedy: Hernia. Sciatica, Strain of the lower part of the spine and feet can also be rectified by this asana.

Joint Pain: Practice of Vajrasan on a regular basis is helpful to keep out the disease like varicose veins, joint pain and arthritis.

Weight Loss: This asana helps in reducing weight and thus making a shapely body.

How to Practice Vajrasan 

  1. Sit down on a mat after launch.
  2. Bend both knees and sit down such that ankle faces downwards.
  3. Keep in mind that toes of both legs are adjoining to each other and it should be distance little distance between heels.
  4. Put the full weight of your body on the feet. Keep your waist straight at the time of Vajrasan.
  5. Keep doing it for 10 minutes and take a deep breath.

How Vajrasan exercise removes constipation?

During Vajrasan, the maximum pressure falls on the central portion of the body. A minor pressure also gets applied to the stomach and intestines during this exercise which helps to remove constipation issues.


  • People having pain or trouble in their knees should not do this asana.
  • The asana for digestion is more beneficial if you do this after the meal.

Kapalbhati Pranayam Exercise

Kapalbhati Method and Benefits

Coupled with a restrained diet and plenty of water, Kapalbhati Pranayama benefits in curing constipation, gas and acidity.

Benefits of Kapalbhati

Kapalbhati for constipation: It cures stomach diseases and disorders including acidity, constipation and blood disorder. The yoga asana exercise enhances the digestion power of the human body by removing the weakness of the intestines.

Makes lung powerful: Kapalbhati boosts attention power and benefits in mental anxiety, asthma disease and makes lungs healthy.

Fitness: Kapalbhati Pranayam is helpful in reducing fat and body weight.

How to do Kapalbhati

  1. Sit straight on a mat and make a pose like Padmasana.
  2. Bend your both knees, keep the left leg on your right leg and fill breath keeping both hands to the sky and skip out towards breath compressing stomach inward. Do this activity continuously.
  3. Once the breathe must have to leave out rapidly in the every second in Kapalbhati . After expiration, now breath should come in normally without any attempts .
  4. If you feel fatigued then you should take relax after some time time.


Not for Heart Patients: If the people are suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, waist pain then Kapalbhati Pranayam is not recommended.

Not recommended in a full stomach: If you do this exercise then your waist must be straight. You should not do this asana just after a meal.

Duration of Exercise: In the beginning, you should exercise Kapal Bhati five times to ten times a session. Increase the duration slowly after some practice.

Caution for bone disease patients: People who have pain in the knees should do it sitting in a normal position without making Padma asana.

Agnisar Kriya Exercise

Agnisar Kriya Method and Benefits

Agnisar kriya means flushing out fire i.e. toxins from the body. The yoga asana works on the stomach area. The Agnisar kriya exercise benefits in belly disorders including constipation, trapped gases and acidity.

Benefits of Agnisar Kriya

Yoga for stomach: The exercise is considered one of the best asanas for digestion. It makes the abdominal muscles stronger preventing digestive issues – chronic constipation, gas and acidity.

Body Purity: The kriya or activity detoxifies the body by expelling carbon dioxide.

Young Skin: The exercise helps to regulate hormones like testosterone responsible for ageing in humans. Agnisar Kriya adoption helps you to look fresh and young for a longer period of life.

How to do Agnisar Kriya

  1. This Kriya or action may be done sitting and standing.
  2. First, stand in a straight position.
  3. Make an equal distance between both legs.
  4. Keep your both hands on your thighs by leaning slightly forward and fill your lungs with air.
  5. Inhale and fill your lungs to maximum capacity. Hold your breath and contract the anus muscles upward towards the large intestines.
  6. Again stop your breath and draw muscle of stomach inside and then push outside.
  7. Continue this action and repeat holding your breath.

Duration for Agnisar Kriya

At the start, do this process five times then increase it according to your capacity. If you feel fatigued then stop this process and take a breath. After relaxation, repeat this process.

Agnisar kriya Precautions

Hypertension Patients: People suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease are not recommended to do Agnisar kriya for acidity removal.

Empty Stomach Only: Do not do this exercise after a meal.

Pavanamuktasana Exercise

Pavanamuktasana is also called a wind-relieving pose. It is one of the most effective yoga asanas to prevent gas and acidity like stomach problems.

Benefits of Pavanamuktasana

Acidity & Gas Cure: A regular exercise of Pavanamuktasana yoga asana not only relieves in stomach heaviness and bloating but also keeps you energetic all through the day.

Weight Loss: A better digestion consequently decreases the belly fat helping in weight loss. This is because, poor digestion can create fatigue, anxiety, and depression – leading to obesity.

Treats Anxiety: The yoga helps to create a flexible and strong spine. It also develops mental calmness.

Energetic Body: Including Pavanamuktasana in your daily routine improves the blood circulation in the body.

How to do Pavanamuktasana?

  1. Spread hands and feet on the mat and lie straight on your back and leave your body completely loose.
  2. Now while breathing slowly, bring both the legs from the knees to the chest and try to touch your knees by lifting your head lightly.
  3. During this, hold your breaths for a few seconds and then slowly exhale, spreading your legs.
  4. Try to do this asana eight to ten times.
  5. While you are in this position, keep in mind that your heels are adjacent to the thighs.

Naukasana Exercise

Naukasana is yet another yoga asana for constipation related stomach problems. In this posture the body is stretched to take the shape of a boat i.e. nauka, hence it is named Naukasana.

Benefits of Naukasana

Stomach Problem: This asana is done to relieve or reduce stomach problems, such as constipation and acidity.

Cuts Belly Fat: It proves beneficial in reducing belly fat and strengthening back pain, spinal cord, digestive system.

How to do Naukasana ?

  1. Fill your breath in by lying straight on the back and lift the head, hands and feet together in a 30-degree angle.
  2. If you are having trouble stopping your breath, then take the breath slowly in between and release.
  3. Remain in this position for about 30 seconds.
  4. Release a long breath while coming down and then slowly come to the ground.
  5. Try to do this posture 3-5 times in a session.

Kandhrasana Yoga Exercise

Bridge Pose or Kandhrasana means using shoulders i.e. kadha to make a pose. Along with other benefits asana helps in keeping the digestive system fine.

Benefits of Kandhrasana

Strengthens Intestine: The yoga asana exercise is basically done to keep the intestines clean and pure because many stomach problems are related to the intestine.

Uterus Strength: This asana is more beneficial for women, as it strengthens the uterus and prepares for pregnancy. It also reduces white discharge.

Lower Back Pain relief: The yoga exercise reduces lower backaches and headaches. Also, Practicing the asana calms the brain and central nervous system

How to do Kandhrasana ?

  1. Lie on your back directly on the yoga mat or mat and take a long breath and bend both legs from knees.
  2. Keep your head on the ground and rise above the waist.
  3. Hold the heel with both hands to give the legs a snot.
  4. Remain in this position for at least 2 minutes, and if necessary, keep breathing and exhale in between.
  5. While doing the asana, keep in mind that the weight of the entire body should be on the shoulders and the feet

Uttanapadasana Yoga Exercise

Uttanapadasana or  ‘leg lifting posture’ is one of the best yoga asanas against constipation or acidity. It also delivers the strength to sexual organs.

Benefits of Uttanapadasana

Intestine Strength:  The yoga asana makes the intestines strong and healthy. It also cures enlarged intestine.

Weight Loss: It helps to burn the fat in the abdominal region, buttocks and thighs. The yoga asana also reduces belly fat.

Stomach Issues: It relieves gas, constipation and colic problems.

Lower Back Problems: You can also do this asana to get relief from back pain.

How to do Uttanapadasana ?

  1. Lie flat on your back.
  2. Breathe out loud and don’t leave.
  3. Place the palms of both the hands on the ground and keep the feet straight, slowly lift one foot above the ground.
  4. If there is difficulty in stopping the breath, then leave and take it in the middle.
  5. Remain in this position for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  6. After that, keep the legs straight and slowly bring them downwards.
  7. Do not try to bring it at once or by a jerk.
  8. This asana can be done three to six times. To get relief from back pain, do it alternately with each leg.