2 Yoga Positions To Reduce Weight

At the olden days, body weight is not considered as one of the most important thing as people won’t even find food for their life. But the time has changed as today’s people are trying to burn their calories as it will lead them to further diseases. For taking out the weight and calories from your body people are now handling much kind of activities. One such activity is Yoga.

A Method to Get Slim & Trim

People are now using  it as a tool to develop their body in this faster moving world. The most vital part in the practice of yoga is this will not be useful in burning the calories in a faster manner.

Yoga can help to reduce the weight only at a slower phase. You will get slimmer and thinner by exercising for longer duration of time. So it’s all depends on the significance of your approach towards the yoga.

Raises Metabolism

Even though yoga has the age limit , it all focus on the structure of the posture and the way of practicing. The postures will help in raising the metabolism of your body, reduce the stress, and burn your body’s calories according to their work out. Continuously doing yoga will not lead you to reduce the weight until or unless you are having excellent focus on your mind. You need to control your mind properly which will in turn give you the proper measures.

Slow Result in Weight loss through Yoga

If you are comparing with the sports activities such as swimming, jogging, etc. the amount of calories burnt will be less in yoga. But the significant part is the relaxation in the physical property of the body.

Two Most Popular Techniques

Apart from the other techniques in the yoga, two most important yoga techniques are used in reducing the weight. One is Bikram Yoga and the other is Ashtanga Yoga.


Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is the one that is preferred by the celebrities and sports persons. It is a combination of calmer yoga techniques with the fat burning workout. This yoga doesn’t allow the person to relax.

It will increase the heart beat further and will burn the fat for more than twenty minutes after the exercise. User need to do it for more than half an hour to get the real form of losing the weight.

Bikram Yoga will increase the mind capacity. It will increase the concentration, patience and the self control of the mind.

Ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga yoga

The other part of the weight reduction technique is the Ashtanga yoga. This part of yoga will help in synchronizing the breath of the person with the different set of complicated postures.

These highly effective practices will have the many postures, which will result in keep the body fit and healthy. These are the two type of yoga that are useful in reducing the weight and fat.