Are bay leaves edible? 25 Top health benefits!

Are bay leaves edible? Know the health benefits of  bay laurel
Can you eat bay leaves? Know the health benefits

Bay leaf aka Laurus nobilis has immense health properties, owing to which it is used as a remedy in Ayurveda for several diseases. 

Although the bay leaf[1] is added as a dry spice to improve flavor and smell in dishes, it also helps relieve many conditions, including headache, colds, asthma, and distaste. Let us discover some more exciting facts about bay leaves from a health perspective.

What exactly are bay leaves?

The bay leaf plant is native to Asia, from where it spread to the Mediterranean and, eventually, to other countries with similar climates. Its primary uses are the fragrant leaf that is widely used in cooking.

Are bay leaves edible?

Bay leaves not poisonous! Hence, you can eat bay leaves if they are dried. Even the fresh bay leaves are not toxic if appropriately crushed before consumption. In old beliefs, it is said that bay leaf can kill you, but this is only true because they are crunchy and rigid, which can potentially cause injury to the digestive tract.

The texture of bay leaves

Bay leaves are light, pungent, bitter, sweet, warm by nature. The leaves of bay laurel are olive green in color, with a smooth top and three distinct veins. It smells like cloves and cinnamon, but it has a very mild and enticing fragrance.

Popular uses of bay leaves?

You wonder! What are bay laurel leaves good for? Well! Because of their anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial effects, bay leaves have a unique role in Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine).

Bay leaves aid digestion, stimulates the brain, detoxifies urine, and are beneficial to the throat. The substance of its leaves aids in the treatment of an upset stomach. Its leaf powder can assist with high blood sugar.

Bay Leaf Benefits 

The Bay leaf tree contains several compounds, so it is used as a medicine additive in Ayurveda. Moreover, copper, potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, and iron are also abundant in the herb.

Let us investigate the healing properties of laurel leaves (Laurus nobilis) and how they are used as a medicine in greater depth.

#1 Bay leaf benefits for headache

Headache problem is a prevalent problem for people. The stress of work mainly causes such headaches. Bay leaf tea, as such, is an excellent home treatment for this.

Also, to relieve headaches caused by cold or humidity, grind 10 grams of laurel in water and add to the scalp. Moreover, bay combined with clove is used in steam therapy for sinusistis relief.

#2 Bay leaf & diabetes

Bay leaves have advantages in high blood sugar regulation as well.

Because of the inclusion of phytochemicals and essential oils, the leaves provide a hypoglycemic impact on diabetics. These wonder leaves increase insulin and glucose metabolism.

#3 Gets rid of lice super fast

Laurel leaves effectively remove lice without harming the scalp. 

Boil five to six leaves in a bottle of water until the water is half drained. Message the scalp with this water regularly, and finally, take a bath. This straight cure keeps head lice at bay.

#4 Bay leaf benefits for hair & skin

Bay leaf has antimicrobial and antifungal properties, which help treat scalp infections and makes hair shinier. A shower with bay leaf water aids in the removal of dandruff on the scalp. Additionally, the shower bath smoothes skin tone and eliminates hyperpigmentation.

#5 Cough & cold remedy 

Drinking tea with bay leaf powder rather than tea leaf brings immediate relief from sneezing, runny nose, and headache. A cold and cough relief with the spice is by grinding 5 grams of bay leaf and 5 grams of small pippali and combining 500 mg powder with honey.

#6 Bay leaf in eye disorders

Bay leaf is helpful in the treatment of eye disease. As a natural remedy, crushing bay leaves and applying them to the eye heals irritation and keeps them healthy. Bay juice, again, is an excellent treatment for swollen eyes and night blindness, which are usually triggered by a vitamin A deficiency.

#7 Teeth & gum diseases.

Bay leaves are best for keeping our teeth white and safe. Take fresh bay leaves and mix them with dried orange peels. Mash them and combine them with water to make toothpaste. The easy home remedy helps whiten the teeth fast. In bleeding gum disorder, chewing the stem of bay leaf helps.

#8 Bay leaves for stammering.

If someone has problems speaking or has a stammering issue, home remedies with bay leaf can prove beneficial. In this scenario, daily sucking of bay leaves provides relief in the disorder.

#9 Asthma remedy

Bay is protective against a wide range of infections caused by fungi, viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. Its leaves are a natural remedy for certain types of bronchitis and asthma.

How to make a home remedy?

Mix 2 grams of crushed bay leaves and 2 grams of peepal in the syrup of ginger jelly. Licking this traditional formulation provides relief in asthma. Apart from this, taking one teaspoon powder of dried bay leaves with one cup of hot milk twice a day offers comfort in respiratory problems.

#10 Cures Loss in appetite

In a loss of food appetite due to an illness, bay leaves can be a helping aid. As a remedy, consuming yogurt combined with bay leaves in the morning and evening solves the dilemma of appetite loss. 

#11 Bay leaf relieves vomiting.

If you feel nauseous every time and then for some reason, taking two pinches of the powder of bay leaves controls the problem. Also, licking honey mixing with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and two grams of bay leaf powder relieves nausea.

#12 Bay leaves prevent upset stomach.

In diarrhea or an upset stomach due to eating unhealthy food, a home remedy from bay leaves benefits. The stomach disorder is decreased by taking 3 grams of the bay to leave powder mixed with honey.

#13 Bay leaf in fatty liver

When the liver becomes inflamed or swollen due to some disease, consuming bay leaves provides quick relief. Make a decoction by crushing an equal quantity of bay leaf, garlic, black pepper, cloves, and turmeric powder and swallow 10 ml of the formulation.

#14 Bay leaf for child-birth process.

Delivery time is a testing time for every pregnant woman. Using bay leaves in this way provides an advantage in making the delivery process more manageable. By giving fumigation of its leaves in the vagina, the child is born with ease.

#15 PCOS Remedy

Bay leaves include phytonutrients, caffeic acid, and salicylate, which aid in the restoration of hormone imbalance in women with polycystic ovary syndrome. Taking 1 to 3 grams of bay leaf powder in the morning and evening can benefit uterus problems. Having the decoction of bay leaf reduces uterine pain. 

#16 Bay leaf reduces the pain of arthritis.

Nowadays, the problem of arthritis is not seen by age. Being in AC throughout the day or sitting or working more, or people have started getting this disease at any age. To get relief from this bone disease, grind bay leaves and apply them to the joints. It provides comfort in rheumatism.

#17 Stops bleeding 

Bay leaves have anticoagulant properties. If you have a bleeding issue in any part of your body, take one teaspoon of bay powder and one cup of water 2-3 times a day.

#18 Prevents body odor 

Due to sweat in the summer season, the body starts to smell, and due to this, many people have to face embarrassment. For this, grinding an equal quantity of Tejpatta, Sundabala, Agaru, Haritaki, and Sandalwood on the body and applying Laurus nobilis reduces the foul smell of sweat.

#19 leaf benefits in indigestion

The warm properties of the bay leaf stimulate the appetite and improve the digestive system. Moreover, the organic compounds in bay leaves are helpful for an upset stomach.

#20 Anti-cancer Properties

According to research, anti-cancer properties are also found in bay leaves, so that bay leaf reduces cancer symptoms.

#21 Bay leaf benefits for weight loss

Obesity is described in Ayurveda as an unnecessary accumulation of Meda (fat/adipose tissue) and Mamsa (flesh/muscle tissue), resulting in flabbiness. Another important reason for weight gain is also the increase of Kapha dosha. Bay leaves help in reducing weight by with Kapha dosha lowering properties.

#22 Heart health and bay leaves

According to research, bay leaves have the property of keeping the heart-healthy. Furthermore, the consumption of bay leaves helps to control cholesterol, reducing the symptoms of some heart-related problems.

#23 Bay leaf and menstruation

Bay leaves are a natural treatment for menstrual irregularities, cramps, and vaginal discharges. The leading cause of pain during menstruation is the increase in bone disorders. In this scenario, the sedative properties of bay leaves provide best timely relief.

#24 Bay leaf for anxiety management

Because of their properties to induce sleepiness and drowsiness, bay leaves are moderate natural sedatives. That’s why this spice is also used to prevent stress and anxiety.

#25 Spider bite rash remedy

If a spider bites you, grind an equal quantity of manjistha, nagkesar, bay leaf, and turmeric and apply it to the affected area. The natural paste of Laurus nobilis reverses the effect of spider venom.