Steam Therapy: Add these herbs to increase effectiveness!

In chest infections, steam inhalation is often recommended. That is simply because it helps to loosen mucus which is responsible for producing coughing. Nevertheless, steam therapy benefits are not limited to cold and cough relief but also a cure for many major diseases as well.

In fact, doctors and natural medicine practitioners recommend steam therapy for the problems of Arthritis, joint pain, swelling, waist and neck, asthma, chronic cough.

By adding some herbs to our steam water, we can increase the effectiveness to a great extent.

Arthritis and Steam Remedy

In the pain of gout, if patients take the hot steam water by mixed with alum and turmeric, it will provide instant relief.

That is simply because alum is an antibiotic while turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory (controls swelling) medicine. In the case of arthritis, It would be more effective if we take plain steam water.

Cold and cough relief

In case of acute cold and cough, taking steam of water mixed with cloves and bay leaves delivers a great relief. Alternatively, even clove tea benefits against the cold and tightness of the chest.

In this case, a combination of clove and steam helps to loosen the mucous while bay leaves provide warmth to the internal organs.

If your cough increases, add crushed ginger to the water and take the steam. It greatly helps in restricting the cough.

In Sinusitis natural remedy

Steaming mixed with basil, eucalyptus, and mint provides a quick sinus relief. In this combination-remedy, the basil acts as an effective natural antibiotic.

Similarly, the eucalyptus oil clears nasal and sinus congestion while mint reduces the swelling of the airways.

Steam for face acne

Steam therapy removes the existing pore blockages on the face. The steam combined with turmeric, alum and glycerin shows a positive effect on both face acne and complexion.

The Tumeric delivers a natural glow to the face, the alum removes acne and infections and glycerin fills the pores.

Sore throat remedy

Steam inhalation is effective in very effective in nasal and throat infections. In the case of a sore throat, medical practitioners prescribe Vicks or popular decongestant- Karvol Plus into hot water and take its steam.