8 Health benefits of Watermelon & Rind

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Health benefits of Watermelon & Rind
Healthy Benefits of Watermelon and Rind

Watermelon is an excellent staple summer fruit that is low in carbohydrates and great in taste. In 152 grams of Watermelon, you get 12 grams of carbs which is impressive.

Even the fat is as low as 0.2 grams in this fruit. So let us find out top health benefits of Watermelon & Rind.

1.Keeps body hydrated

Watermelon is full of water. This summer fruit will protect you from the heat and keeps your body hydrated.

Consequently, it increases energy and brain function as well as increase physical performance.

2.Prevents diseases

The red part of the Watermelon contains phytonutrients that have immense health values. Also, its white part is beneficial for health saving us from many diseases.

The peels of Watermelon contain healthy nutrients like magnesium, potassium, carbohydrates, vitamin C, vitamin A and zinc.

3.Improves eyesight

Being a good source of vitamin A, Watermelon is excellent for your eyes and heart. The fruit contains betacarotene, which helps in making retinal pigments of the eye.  

Vitamin A in this fruit defends against night blindness and restricts eye disorders in senior citizens.

4.Constipation remedy

Eating Watermelon is an excellent way to prevent constipation because it is abundant in fibre and water.

It promotes smooth bowel movements as the fruit contains almost 92% of water.

5.Great for anemic patients

Watermelon fulfils the lack of blood in the body. The fruit does this by increasing the body’s haemoglobin level by increasing the absorption of iron.

The richness of Watermelon in vitamin C and iron makes it remarkable for people suffering from anaemia. 

6.Restricts Kidney stones

Watermelon is rich in potassium Which helps maintain fluid balance in the body. It aids in detoxifying the kidneys by expelling ammonia which is a toxin produced after digestion of protein.

It prevents osteoporosis by making the bones and muscles strong. The richness of potassium in Watermelon makes it an excellent option for high blood pressure patients. 

7.Young-healthy skin

Watermelon includes lycopene, which helps keep the skin glossy and youthful. The other reason for its being skin & hair beneficial are the presence of two vitamins – Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

So, while Vitamin A rejuvenates and creates healthy dermis, Vitamin C makes the collagen protein, which makes your skin flexible and soft.

8.Health benefits of Watermelon rind

The green skin of Watermelon, also called the rindis a juicy and tasty part, which is not only edible but healthy as well.

Watermelon is also a natural libido enhancer [1] due to L-citrulline’s presence- a kind of amino acid. Its rind also helps in lowering cholesterol level.

Who should avoid Watermelon?

Patients with diabetes and heart ailments should avoid consuming Watermelon in excess. That’s because this fruit has a high glycemic index which raises blood sugar quickly for diabetes patients.

Similarly, a high amount of potassium in Watermelon is not healthy for people with heart ailments. 

Consuming Watermelon in excess amount can trigger stomach issues as it contains more dietary fibre. Likewise, overeating the fruit can disturb the fluid balance of the body.