Kidney Detox: Top home Remedies

In the last 15 years, cases of kidney diseases have doubled. When it is estimated that by 2040, the fifth most common cause of death will be a Kidney disease, maintaining healthy kidneys is often overlooked.

What do Kidneys do?

The kidneys are responsible for removing waste and toxic substances from the body. It plays an important role in expelling waste from the body. The organ keeps the electrolytes balanced in the body and also helps in the process of making hormones.

How to detox the Kidneys

We can keep the kidney healthy by adopting natural methods every day.

Commonly, good food and drinking enough water keep your organ healthy. Healthy kidneys cleanse the blood and excrete waste from the body through urine. However, a failure to do so causes chronic kidney problems.

There are many ways to keep a healthy and infection free kidney by natural methods at home.

Quick Tips

  • Control your weight.
  • Adopt healthy dieting habits,
  • Avoid consuming smoke and alcohol.
  • Adopt an active lifestyle.
  • Control blood pressure.
  • Get regular checks after the age of 30.
  • Control of diabetes.
  • Know the history of kidney diseases in the family.

Some homely items also aid in this.

Ginger: Controls Kidney Infections

Ginger, rich in antioxidants, is a very effective natural medicine. The gingerols present in it increases the production of dimethylamine and methylsulfonylmethane. As a result, sepsis, caused by kidney injury is regulated.

The anti-bacterial properties of ginger prevent bacterial spread in the kidney and also reduces inflammation.

Bishop’s weed (Ajwain): a natural diuretic

The use of carom seeds or the Bishop’s weed helps to flush out excess substances in the body. It helps in kidney function.

The root of Bishop’s weed increases urine production, consequently, releasing the waste. Also rich in potassium and sodium, the herb is known as a kidney activating tonic.

Turmeric & Garlic: restrict bacterial growth

Turmeric contains an active ingredient called curcumin. It prevents the growth and expansion of all types of microbes and keeps the kidneys healthy.

Also, garlic contains allicin, which reduces bacterial infection and inflammation in the body.

Water: Flushes out toxins

Drink plenty of water to keep yourselft hydrated

From the brain to the liver, at least 60 percent of water is necessary to work! The kidney needs water to excrete other impurities along with urine. To keep the kidneys healthy, every person should drink at least 3 litres of water daily.

Fruits that detox Kidneys

Studies suggest a plant compound named Resveratrol beneficial for reducing kidney inflammation. In fruits, this polyphenol element is present in grapes, peanuts and some berries. Also, cranberry’s regular consumption is beneficial for the kidney.

Citrates and Kidneys

Citrate reduces the urinary deposit of calcium salts by forming soluble complexes with calcium ions. It prevents crystal growth and aggregation.

Lemon, orange juice, and watermelon juice contain vitamin C or citrate. The citrate element prevents kidney disease.

Fruits maintain the water level

The citrate element prevents kidney disease. Drinking a fresh juice of fruit daily helps to maintain the water level in the body. In a study on seaweed, its effect had seen on the kidney, liver and pancreas. In particular, there is a decrease in liver and kidney damage due to diabetes.

Fruits are Antioxidants

Grapefruit juice helps to flush out the toxins from the body and keeps the kidneys well. Soaking raisins at night and drinking water for a few days in the morning also provides benefits in kidney diseases. Fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, berries and gooseberries help to excrete uric acid and urea from the kidney. These fruits contain an adequate quantity of antioxidants. It also reduces the risk of urinary infection.

Diuretic Tea Role

Kidney cleansing teas – Natal tea, dandelion tea and, basil tea are available in the market that helps to keep your kidney healthy. Its regular intake detoxifies kidneys by flushing out harmful substances from the body.

Magnesium Rich Vegetables

Magnesium is a vital element for the organ. Regular intake of magnesium, such as dark vegetables, is beneficial for many diseases in the body. In kidney diseases, there is a need to decrease the quantity of salt, sugar, sodium and protein in the food. It also helps in maintaining the balance of water in the body.

Egg White or Albumin: The healthy part

Only have a light and easily digestible food to the body. Egg albumin contains amino acids, and a small quantity of phosphorus, which helps in keeping the kidney healthy.

Avoid Processed flour

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, smoking and processed things like sugar, salt, maida (white pasta, biscuits, white bread). The body also has to work hard to digest processed food.

Avoid Pain killers

Take pain relief medicines and medicines for kidney diseases only with the advice of a doctor.