5 Top Benefits of Getting Up Early

Are you an early riser? Several studies have proved that are several merits in waking up early.

As the famous saying goes that ‘An early bird catches the worm’, there is actually truth behind this statement. Even the proverb that says early to bed and early to rise (makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise) stresses the benefits of getting up early.

Waking up early – what Ayurveda says?

Benefits of rising early in Ayurveda
Benefits of rising early in Ayurveda

To reap the maximum benefits Ayurveda suggests an individual wake up between 4-5 AM in the morning. It further suggests having 2 glasses of water followed by a casual walk for healthy skin and improved metabolism.

According to Ayurveda, ‘an early riser gets a sharper brain, increased fitness and develops mental toughness‘.

Top Benefits Of Getting Up Early In The Morning

  1. Rising early will get you more success in life: A study conducted by Texas University in the year 2008 came out with an observation that all those students who are early birds fared better in their examinations than all those students who are night owls.

    People rising early have been found to make statements that are indications of greater confidence and action than the night owls.

  2. Studies have proved that early risers are happier than night owls: We are not talking about being happy for just a few minutes in the morning but being happy with the life in overall.

    As people grow older, people tend to sleep early and switch to an early morning schedule and this is the reason why we find older people happier than their younger counterparts.

    It has been observed that people who rise early are more positive and happier than people who tend to wake up late in the mornings as reported by a study conducted in the year 2012 by a journal called ‘Emotion’.

    People who get up early also said that they feel more cheerful as their daily routine is perfectly coordinated with the nine to the five-time table that is common everywhere.

  3. People who get up early are in better shape: The reason behind this is quite simple. If a person wakes up early gets extra time for exercising before the rest of the family are awake or before starting their official works.

    Many successful people are early risers and are full of energy for the rest of their days. People who sleep late find it tougher to schedule their time for fitness activities and maintaining such a schedule.

    Moreover, night owls have been found very often to have a tendency towards skipping their breakfast as they try to sleep as much as possible and in turn land up in skipping their breakfasts. But skipping breakfast is not a good idea at all for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as our body requires important nutrients in the morning for focusing and for getting energy.

    In fact, your body had been fasting for about 6 to 8 hours that is all through the night so it craves for some healthy food and so one needs to “break the fast”.So when you skip your breakfast due to sleeping late, the body goes into a mode of starvation and you will end up overeating and craving for unhealthy and junk foods.

    Thus getting up early and eating a proper breakfast will help you to keep fit and be in better shape as there would be fewer chances of eating junk and unhealthy food throughout the day.

  1. Early risers have better productivity in their work: People who get up early in the morning get time to do more work before others are awake as they have uninterrupted and quiet time to focus on productive work or can go to work early with a fresh mind.
  2. Studies have related early rising to healthy character traits early risers show traits like conscientiousness, satisfaction, and optimism versus many of the night owls who demonstrate traits like neurotic, pessimism and depression.

    A German study made in the year 2013 found a greater link between tendencies of sleeping late at nights with an increased level of depression.

    Disadvantages of waking up early!

    Early wake up has benefited only when you follow some rules of life. Else its benefits will turn into disadvantages.
    It does not apply to people who go to bed late and try to wake up early in the morning. In short, getting deep sleep is essential.

    In this scenario which is called sleep deprivation, the brain lacks a rest. As a result, it fails to concentrate and absorb information. Our neurons get weaker and begin to experience memory loss. If the same pattern of life persists it can develop serious medical conditions.

    So, Do not try to wake up early if you can’t go to bed early.