How to get more deep sleep with right diet plan

How to get more deep sleep with correct diet plan

People do not get relief in today’s busy life.

We are losing  our sleep due to increasing workloads and busy erratic lifestyles.

Not to forget , an incomplete sleeping has a very bad effect on our health.

For a good health , deep sleep is very important and to get more deep sleep , a right diet plan is required.

Sleep deprivation affects

Regular sleep deprivation pushes us towards serious medical conditions like obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

In fact , Tiredness , lack of focus and lethargy also happens due to incomplete sleep.

Sleep quality is also affected due to snoring.

It cannot be cured through a miracle but changes in one’s lifestyle.

You can try these remedies against snoring to get a deep sleep.

How to get more deep sleep with correct diet

Eating heavy meals before going to bed is an incorrect routine as it aids in sleep disturbances.

In a nutshell , it invites digestive problems as the body is not in upright position.

Do not go to bed for a minimum of two hours after a meal to prevent acid reflux .

Banana induces a sound sleep

Due to being rich with nutrients, banana promotes good sleep.

Bananas is good for sleep because they contain natural muscle-relaxants – potassium and magnesium which relaxes the muscles of the body.

Having one banana with glass of warm milk in the evening can lead to a deep sleep.


Nuts like walnuts benefit the body in a variety of ways.

A handful of almonds may be your solution to get a nice deep sleep.

They are a rich source of sleeping-inducing tryptophan and melatonin.

Additionally , it also has Magnesium- a nutrient known to induce sleepiness.

Stay away from Dark Chocolate

Although , dark chocolates have several other benefits but not for sleeping.

Eating dark chocolate before sleeping can make you feel awake.

In fact , the presence of high amount of caffeine in dark chocolates has a disruptive effect on your sleep.

As a consequence , dark chocolates acts as an stimulant that reduces total sleep time disrupting body clock timings.

Ice-cream disrupts sleep cycle

It is not easy to say no to ice cream in any season.Especially , after eating food the desire to have ice cream increases.

But dieticians say this can hinder sleeping.

In fact , Consuming Ice cream increases your blood sugar levels.

To digest sugar body releases insulin which triggers tryptophan.In the next step,tryptophan is converted into serotonin.

This tryptophan is a neurotransmitter that has the function of regulating the sleep-wake cycle and any imbalance affects sleep cycle.