5 Snoring Remedies That May be Tried !

You may be one of those 45% adults who snore occasionally or may know someone who snores. People may be joking mercilessly about a snoring member of the family in family get-togethers. For instance, if your spouse snores while sleeping at night, you may not have a good night’s sleep that can even lead to sleeping in separate bedrooms.

Snoring can result in severe problems in a marriage, Snoring is not only a nuisance but 75% of people who snore suffer from disruption of breathing during their sleep. This, in turn, increases the risks of heart diseases in the long run.

Snoring cannot be cured through a miracle but changes in one’s lifestyle, medical treatments, and remedies that are over-the-counter may be of great help. Snoring is often associated with a person’s lifestyle so you can minimize this problem with some minor changes in your lifestyle.

Here are the 5 remedies that will definitely work when followed:

The sleeping position should be corrected

Change Sleeping Position

If you lie on your back, the base of your soft palate and tongue collapse at your throat’s back wall that causes a vibrating sound when one sleeps. If such a person sleeps on his side, this problem can be prevented.

Weight loss may be a great option

Think about weight loss

If you have put on weight and have started snoring after the weight gain losing your weight may be a good remedy.

If a person gains weight around his or her back, the throat’s internal diameter may get squeezed and get collapsed while sleeping that can also trigger to snoring.

Thus maintaining a healthy diet and weight can help in reducing the problem of snoring. In fact, even if someone is overweight by a few kilograms, it can result in snoring.

Stop consuming alcohol

Alchohols have a role in snoring

Sedatives, as well as alcohol, can bring down your throat muscles’ resting tone, increasing the chances of snoring.

If one drinks alcohol 4 to 5 hours before going to sleep, snoring may get worse. There are people who usually not snore may start snoring after consuming alcohol.

So simply avoid consumption of alcohol immediately before going to sleep. The extra relaxation of muscles after alcohol consumption cause your throat’s back to collapse more leading to snoring.

Proper sleeping hygiene should be followed

Poor sleep habits should be corrected

Poor sleep hygiene is also known as poor sleep habits and can cause a similar effect to consuming alcohol.

Working for a long duration without adequate sleep will make you sleep deep and hard and your muscles may get floppier that can result in snoring.

Keeping nasal passages open

Nasal congestation is also a reason for snoring

If your nose is narrowed o clogged due to any type of blockage, for instance, due to cold, air can move fast inside your nose and can lead to snoring. Taking a hot shower before going to bed can help in opening nasal passages.

A bottle full of saltwater rinse can be kept in the shower so that you can rinse your nose while taking a shower to open up nasal passages. So you should ensure that your nasal passages are perfectly clear so that you can inhale through your nose and not through your mouth.

If there is a blockage inside your nose due to an allergy, you should try using a nasal spray or antihistamine tablets. You can also visit your General Practitioner or a pharmacist for consultation in case you are getting affected by any condition per se an allergy that has been affecting your breathing or nose such as sinusitis.

Thus you must be careful of self-treatment using over-the-counter pills and sprays till you have consulted with your doctor about your snoring problem. This is because there are several aids for stopping the problem of snoring that is randomly marketed without proper scientific studies so that their claims for treatment can be adequately supported. Instead, lifestyle changes and natural solutions can be tried out to help you to stop snoring.