How Papaya is a Good Health Diet.

Fruits are very beneficial for health. If one fruit is consumed everyday, the benefits provided by it can be felt in the long run. Fruits help the digestive system to work more efficiently.

They provide dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals to the body. As they are consumed in their natural form, they retain their true nutritional value.

The benefits of Papaya

Nutritional Benefits

Amongst the many fruits found naturally, papaya is one food whose list of nutritional benefits is never ending. Papaya is counted amongst the yellow fruits. They are rich in Vitamin C, Bioflavonoids and Carotenoids. Such yellow fruits are believed to be a solution to problems such as hypertension, pulmonary diseases and cataract.

This cylindrical shaped fruit, papaya is yellowish orange in colour having a large number of black-brown coloured seeds in its pulp. It is rich in anti oxidants, pantothenic and folate acid, potassium, fibre and magnesium. They help boost the functioning of the digestive system and the heart. It is believed to be a great preventive measure for colon cancer. Due to the enzyme present in papaya, called the papain, injuries and allergies get treated naturally. It helps strengthening the immunity power by its beta-carotene that provides Vitamin A along with Vitamin C to the body. Consuming papaya helps getting rid of minor problems like influenza and infections.

Roboflavin, niacin, Vitamin E and K, calcium, iron, phosphorus, carbohydrates and protein are other nutrients provided by papaya. The feeling of inflammation also is cured by papaya as it soothes the sensation through chymopapain present in it. Constipation too is cured by papaya. The fruit is highly beneficial for the intestine too. One can get rid of worms in the stomach by chewing two teaspoonfuls of papaya’s seeds with honey.

Anti Cancer

Among its many benefits is also its pus and mucus curing capability. People involved in sports and games must consume this fruit on a regular basis as it heals injuries faster. The toxins that cause cancer in the body also get healed on consumption of this fruit.

Another very useful benefit of papaya is its ability to fight nausea. It puts an end to all kinds of motion sickness and also morning sickness experienced during pregnancy. Atherosclerosis too can be prevented by consuming papaya. Heart diseases caused due to diabetes are another form of problems that could be put an end to through regular papaya consumption as it lowers down the cholesterol levels.

Glowing Skin

Papayas keep the body hydrated due to high content of water present in it. This is a great helper in summers. Consuming papaya protects a person from getting heatstroke and other such heat related problems. It is great for the skin too. It keeps the skin looking radiant and glowing. Many people opt for natural papaya masks available in the market or preparing some at home to be applied to get a youthful and healthy looking skin.


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