Small Meals – Key to weight loss !

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Taking little meals at frequenct interval is an effective way to reduce fatThere are many weight reduction programs that people follow which include a strict exercise regime and a healthy diet. Some people have misconceptions regarding weight reduction. They think eating less or starving will help them shed those extra kilos. In fact, not eating at proper intervals of time and improper quantities can lead to lethargy, low energy levels and weakness.

One thing that must be remembered is dieting is done in order to eat right and cut down on the calories you used to consume earlier. This does not mean that you should starve. According to your overall weight alterations are made in diet and calorie intake is reduced to keep the weight in check. Rather than not eating or cutting down on appetite it is important to focus on what you eat and ho much you exercise.

Suggested by Dietitians

Most dietitians and nutritionists say that having small meals several times a day helps reduce weight! Yes this indeed is true. If you eat large meals two or three times a day, break it to six to seven small meals a day. Eat in the right quantity and stop overeating.

Change to small meals against one big gulp. What actually goes on !

When you eat at large intervals at time, it is hard to notice but you tend to eat more than what is required and end up piling up extra calories. Having smaller meals many times in a day does not devoid body of the nutrition it requires and having food now and then will also ensure you do not overeat. Small meals must include healthy foods and snacks. Consulting a good dietician is a great idea for this.

When we eat big meals at huge intervals of time, the body is already feeling quite hungry and on seeing food we eat as much as we can t avoid those hunger bites we feel on those big intervals of time.

Why these small meal helps ?

Eating smaller meals will also not keep you away from food and you will not have those cravings. When a person is hungry he/she tends to eat whatever comes in sight. This leads to consuming even the unhealthy and junk food. This is the reason the weight never comes down.Also when the large intervals between the meals take place problems of acidity and gas also start up. Air gets filled in the stomach making you feel bloated. Huge meals lead to bloating of the stomach.

Filling two small meals gap

Even if you feel hungry between the small meals, binge on some nuts or have some fresh fruits. They are rich in fibre and are capable of putting an end to the hunger. Consume a lot of water too but not with the meals as they will lead to a bloated stomach and making you feel heavy. Drink lots of water between the meals. Whenever you feel hungry do not ignore those feelings have a light snack or meal to make you feel better.

So, eat small and healthy meals several times a day to accelerate weight reduction.