Natural antibiotics: Top 7 herbs for treating infections

With every change in season, the number of patients with viral infections, cold and cough, and body ache increases. The antibiotic medicines prescribed by the doctors cure the ailment, however, these drugs are often alleged to have side effects [1]. In a common scenario, It is often better to use natural antibiotics, which will also cure your illness and strengthen your immunity. You can easily find them in your kitchen. In fact, herbal therapies are as effective as chemical antibiotics and do not have any side effects.

Using Garlic for Common Cold infections

Natural Antibiotic Herb - Garlic

Garlic is highly effective in fighting bacterial infections. It cures the common cold infections and speeds up the recovery.

Because of its anti-bacterial properties, the ability to prevent diseases and medicinal properties, garlic has been used for centuries. The medicinal spice can be consumed in different ways depending upon convenience and availability. Hence, the health benefits of garlic powder not very different from supplemental form like pills or capsules.

On the other side, consuming too much garlic is also harmful.

Other benefits of Garlic:

  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Effective against fungal infections
  • Reduces bad Cholesterol

Honey is a herbal antibiotic for wounds

Natural Antibiotics - Honey

Honey is a helpful herbal antibiotic. It is effective in curing injury, burns, ulcers, skin problems and many other bacterial infections.

Hydrogen peroxide found in honey is rich in the anti-bacterial property. The composition for dry cough drugs uses dextromethorphan (a compound),  whose effect is similar to that found in honey.

Antioxidant-rich turmeric,

Turmeric is a proven natural antibiotic herb used in many treatments

Regularly consuming turmeric also helps prevent many types of bacteria that spread disease in the body.

Turmeric also inhibits the growth of bacterial fungus and tumour cells.

Ginger fights against many types of bacteria,

Ginger is a common nature provided antibiotic easily available in the kitchen

Ginger is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Gingerol gets in ginger, which has an excellent anti-microbial property that helps fight microbes and bacteria.

It has an excellent anti-microbial property which helps in fighting microbes and bacteria. Ginger also relieves the problem of nausea and vomiting.

Thyme essential oil

Thyme is another herbal antibiotic to inhibit baterial growth

Thyme oil also has anti-bacterial properties, which help in keeping away diseases associated with bacteria.

Thyme oil is considered beneficial in solving problems related to respiratory problems, inflammation and irritation, gastric problems.

Clove is beneficial in fighting with bacteria

Clove -another natural antibaterial action herb used in traditional therapy

Cloves have been beneficial in the treatment of dental problems.

But now many research has revealed that clove water extract is also very effective against dangerous bacteria like E-coli.

Therefore, we can use see cloves as a herbal antibiotic.

Oregano has antioxidants

Oregano has natural antibiotics properties

The antioxidants in Origano help strengthen your immune system’s ability to fight.

We can get anti-inflammatory properties in it, due to which it also acts as a natural antibiotic in your kitchen, especially, in the form of oil.

Oregano helps to overcome the problem of essential oil ulcers, and inflammation as well as the fight against bacteria.