Health Benefits Of Green Tea

We all consider normal tea as a great source of refreshment but the actual truth is that after an extent its intake can be harmful for us. Instead a cup of green tea can help maintain a good health. Green tea is produced from the same plant from which black tea and white tea is produced. The difference between black tea, white tea and green tea lies in the way they all are processed. Green tea is somewhat oxidized than the normal white tea.

Weight Reduction

Green Tea burns fat and increases body metabolism thereby reducing weight

There are endless numbers of benefits of green tea. It is very useful for regular tea drinkers. The main benefit of green tea is that it is very useful in weight reduction.This is because there are no calories in green tea which ultimately result in weight loss.

It can be used as a good replacement for other drinks which contain sugar.Green tea burns the fat and helps in increasing the metabolism rate of the body.

Reduces High Blood Pressure

Green tea is very helpful in lowering high blood pressure. It acts as an excellent health tonic for high blood pressure patients. Like onion tea, this tea is also good for the heart.

This is because green tea stimulates blood circulation. Another benefit of green tea is that it helps in preventing tooth decay as it contains fluoride which is essential for the strengthening of the teeth enamel.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants are very helpful in preventing the harm caused by free radicals which are responsible for many diseases. Green tea increases the amount of good cholesterols in our body.

Good For Heart

One of the benefits of green tea is that it is very helpful for heart attack patients. It promotes the blood flow to the heart by helping the arteries to expand themselves.

It also prevents cancer. This is because green tea contains some properties which are responsible for the slowing down of the growth of cells causing cancer, without causing the healthy cells to get damaged.

Prolongs Youthfulness

Green tea also helps to reduce blood pressure

The next benefit of the green tea can be of great interest especially for women. This is because; green tea is very helpful in slowing down the ageing process. Most of the anti ageing creams which are being sold in the market contain tea extracts.

Green tea helps a great deal in obtaining a younger looking skin. Diabetic patients should increase their intake of green tea as it helps to reduce the glucose levels of the body. This lowers the risk of cataracts and many other conditions which are caused due to diabetes.

Milk / Sugar Lowers Effectiveness

The benefits of the green tea are eventually reduced due to the addition of milk or sugar. Therefore you should take green tea without milk or sugar. 2-3 cups of green tea everyday helps reduce many health problems.

You should start the intake of green tea and add up another health supplement to their daily health routine. There are many types of green tea available in the market but you should prefer the loose ones instead of tea bags for more effective results.