Glute strengthening exercises: 3 Best glute workout routines

Glute strengthening exercises helps you flaunt your toned body
Glute strengthening exercises helps you flaunt your toned body

Hip training is known as glute strengthening exercises among gym enthusiasts and trainers. These glutes workout routines strengthen the muscles of the hips or the butt. Something, we saw similar in our stair climbing workout benefits post.

As a powerhouse to the lower body, the glute exercises affect gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus region of the body.

Benefits of Glute Exercises

Glutes are the powerhouse of tissues in your body. Strong glutes allow you to apply more energy to the lower body. Shaped glutes make you look good. Not being precise, the glute workouts can be done by a person of any gender once a week.

Stronger hips improve athletic performance. Glutes provide strength for quick and explosive movement. Moreover, the shape of your lower body looks shaped and strong glutes with those perfectly fitting clothes!

Checkout any Olympic runner, their glutes are always strong! If the glutes muscles of a sprinter are weak, then they will not be able to perform well in the Olympics. In essence, glutes help you become more active whether you want to run or sit.

Let us find some exercises that can help you get strong and shaped hips apart from getting rid of saddlebags fat.

#1 Barbell hip thrust routine

Barbell hip thrust is the most popular practice among glute strengthening exercises. By doing this workout, your hips muscles train very well. 

How to do Barbell hip thrust glute exercise?

  • To do this exercise, keep your feet on the ground and support the upper back with a bench. 
  • Secondly, place the barbell near the upper joint of the thigh and keep the back straight so that the angle between the thigh and the belly is 45 degrees. 
  • Thirdly, lift the barbell upward and lift the thigh and belly until it is in a straight line and go down again. 
  • Keep in mind that when coming up, you have to squeeze the hips and hold for a few seconds. 

Caution: If you feel a pain in the lower back, avoid doing this exercise, else the pain may escalate.

#2 Single-Leg Romanian Deadlifts

Single-Leg Romanian deadlifts are a part of weight training exercises. It is about the lifting of weight without momentum.

Most gym enthusiasts are unable to perform the Romanian deadlift properly. Hence, this exercise should be performed with caution. Initially, you should learn the simple form of deadlift before doing this, as it is much more difficult than that. 

How to do Single-Leg Romanian deadlift exercise?

  • While performing single-leg Romanian deadlifts, the same leg you move back will go down. Such as the right hand with the right foot. 
  • In one or both hands, you can hold the barbell, dumbbell or cantabile according to your level, this will create more tension.

It can take time to learn this exercise. But if you learn it once, it will prove to be a very good exercise for the hips.

#3 Kettlebell Swings glute strengthening exercises

Practising this exercise helps strengthen your hips[1]. In fact, the kettlebell swing is an impressive movement that produces power and strength that targets the glutes, hamstrings, hips, heart, and stabilising muscles of your shoulders and back.

How to do Kettlebell Swings glute exercise?

  • To do this exercise, you have to hold the kettlebell in a half-squat position. Then, while almost touching the ground and swinging your hips with a kettlebell, extend it upwards. 
  • Practice this hip drive as correctly as possible. It will give a feeling of movement in the hips. 
  • Do not involve your lower back too much, as it can cause pain.

As of now, you must have understood how you to strengthen your hips by doing these easy exercises. So, start doing these exercises today! If you are a beginner, you can also do this exercise using a Smith machine.