The 9 Best Exercise Machines for Saddlebags

Exercise Machines for Saddlebags

If you’re looking to reduce the appearance of your saddlebags, one of the best things you can do is exercise – and not just any exercise, but specific exercises that will help burn away stubborn fat in your thighs and hips while strengthening the muscles that support your tummy and lower back.

The 9 best exercise machines for saddlebags are as follows…

1) Stationary Bicycle

stationary bike

Exercising on a stationary bicycle [1] has a double benefit: you get your heart rate up and you can also cycle your way through those saddlebag fat cells. Engage in 30 minutes of intense cycling at least three times per week to burn off calories and rid yourself of saddlebag fat. When searching for a stationary bike, look for one that allows you to adjust resistance levels to make it more or less challenging—you’ll keep fat burning consistent.

2) Elliptical Cross Trainer

Elliptical cross trrainer

As its name suggests, an elliptical cross trainer combines elements of both elliptical machines and cross trainers. This is probably one of the best exercise machines for saddlebags as it gives your thighs a good workout while also working your core (since you’re standing on a moving platform). Like running, elliptical cross training helps burn fat quickly, but without putting stress on your joints. Try to do at least 30 minutes 3-4 times per week.

3) Treadmill


Treadmills are one of the most popular exercise machines in gyms today. These days foldable treadmills have also become popular due to less space requirement. The treadmill is a great way to burn calories and lose weight because it is a low-impact activity. Low-impact activities can have benefits for those with joint problems or who want to lose weight in a healthy manner, as opposed to high-impact activities like jogging.

4) Vibration Exercise Machine

Vibration Exercise Machine

The vibration exercise machine uses a small motor that produces a high-frequency vibration in order to jiggle stubborn pockets of fat. The vibrations penetrate deep into your skin, stimulating blood flow and tightening connective tissue that holds excess fat in place. With regular use, you can achieve noticeable results in both overall body shape and cellulite reduction.

5)Morning Walker

morning walker

The morning walker machine helps you get rid of saddlebags fast and efficiently. It’s easy to operate: all you have to do is step on and off—the machine takes care of everything else. A simple 60-minute session can burn up to 700 calories, which can help you lose a pound of fat every week. That’s great news if you’re trying to lose weight in your thighs or hips.

6) Stairmaster


Stepping onto a Stairmaster for an hour will burn more than 500 calories and can reduce cellulite in your thighs.

Not to mention it gets your heart pumping in a healthy way. If you’re looking to lose weight, it’s not a bad idea to spend at least an hour on one of these every day.

7) Calf Raises Machine

Exercising your calves is one of the best things you can do to get rid of saddlebags, or cellulite. Calf raises will help strengthen your leg muscles and create an overall healthier appearance, but they’re also effective in getting rid of cellulite on legs. By working out your calves with a machine like a calf raise machine or a standing calf machine, you’ll start toning up those stubborn muscles and shedding excess fat in no time.

8) Ab Crunch Machine

An ab crunch machine is a must-have in your home gym or fitness studio. It targets every muscle from your upper abs to your lower back and even hard-to-reach obliques. As a matter of fact, while dieting is always key to losing unwanted body fat, it can also be challenging to target stubborn areas of fat like saddlebags. Thankfully, there are machines designed specifically to target these troublesome areas; if you’re looking for one that won’t break your budget and will help you remove fat from your saddlebags quickly, look no further than an ab crunch machine.

9) Stepper Machine

The stepper machine works your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes all at once. It burns calories quickly and improves cardiovascular health by making your heart beat faster. You can burn anywhere from 250 to 1,000 calories in an hour by working out on a stepper machine. If you’re trying to get rid of saddlebag fat, a stepper machine is a good option for burning calories quickly.

How Effective are exercise machines in removing saddlebags ?

While exercise alone won’t get rid of cellulite or the saddlebags, it’s still very important to practice good habits when you work out—namely eating right and drinking lots of water, along with staying active and getting enough sleep. 

If you’re considering purchasing an exercise machine to help reduce cellulite, it’s important to first look at what these machines can and cannot do. In some cases, exercise machines are capable of treating or reducing cellulite by helping shed excess fat and calories. 

And while these machines may be useful in some areas of body treatment like saddlebags, they generally don’t have much effect on other areas. So if you think a device will magically remove your cellulite, it’s time to think again! That said, there are many benefits of using an exercise machine for other reasons—for example, to improve muscle tone and firmness or increase flexibility.