Easy everyday makeup tips – 17 Secrets Revealed !

Every girl wants to look their very best every day. Whether we are going out for work, or we are going out on a date, looking the best, has gone mandatory.

With the mandation, has gone up the usage of make-up. So have the inventions of the beauty products companies.

They have made a series of products, to be used.

And once we use them, we are literally get used to them. We just cant give up.

17 Best and Easy everyday makeup tips

17 Easy and Practical Tips to Every Day Makeup

  1. Use make-up a little less—You are not going to a party right? So why doll yourself up with all the make-up? It may make you look good on the fore but on the long run it does a lot of damage. To begin with, it clogs your pores, not letting your skin breathe. Constant clogging of pores leads to tired and greasy , leading to breakouts. If you use too much of it on your eyes, it tends to stretch your skin. This leads to wrinkles which just cannot be reverted. To start off reduce the amount of make-up and take 2-3 days off, for make-up in a week.
  2. Concealed —Concealers are high range make-up and should not be just dabbed on. Concealers are to be patted in lightly on the skin, using the pinky finger to dab it round. This is how you get maximum coverage for your eyes, all day round.
  3. Eyes and lips together is a strict no-no— Never make-up your eyes and lips together. Smokey eyes look great, so does pink lipstick. In case you are thinking of putting them up together, you are about to lose your balance.
  4. Clarifying the hairs—Your shampoo and conditioner might be working just fine, and your hair may look great, but there might just be times when your hairs will look limp no matter what. The tricks that you used previously just do not seem to work today. This is because of the chemical build-up in your hairs. With more and more product usage, chemicals start to build in our hairs. To remove these effectively, we need to use a clarifying shampoo once in a while. This puts the extra weight on the hair down.
  5. Change your products—we often need a vacation when we are unhealthy or sad. So does our body. Sometimes it’s not the clarifying shampoo, it’s just the change of product that will make you look better all over again. Just keep two to three products at hand and keep changing them to give your hairs some change. Do the same with your skincare products too.
  6. Make-up removal—It is of utmost importance to get the make-up removed before getting to bed. No matter how drowsy or tired you are, make-up has to be removed before you get on to bed. This allows your skin to breath. It also takes down chances of acne and inflammation.
  7. Test your make-up—Buying make-up that does not suit your skin, is wastage of money. Instead try the make-up on before you buy. Try it on the back of your hand and see if it works for you. If the store does not have testers, try the makeup from the friend who recommended it to you. Throwing the make-up at the back of your drawer doesn’t help, nor does using make-up that done not suit your skin make you look any better.
  8. Sunscreen habits—Whenever you are stepping outdoors do not forget to put on your sunscreen. Many people have the notion that sunscreens only protect your skin from getting burnt. But that is not always the fact. Sunscreens stop or at least prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Both of these can never be hidden by any make-up. In case you do not like wearing sunscreen, look for make-up that has sun protection ingredients. Sunglasses are a must for your eyes.
  9. Masks—there are several impurities that a cleanser cannot clean. These are to be scrubbed off or exfoliated. Make sure you do this process at least twice a week. Use a clay mask on your face whenever possible. It deeply cleanses all the toxins, further reducing the pores on your skin. Clay is also great as a facial mask.
  10. Healthy diet—another habit to developing good skin, hair and everything else is good food. Eating healthy and incorporating huge amounts of proteins, fruits, healthy fats and vegetables help keep your system healthy. The junk being avoided a healthy diet starts from inside, leading to a healthy you.
  11. Moisturise—Before the shower at the morning try and exfoliate all the dead skin, from the body. The temperature at bath should be kept normal to minimise the loss of body oil. Pat yourself dry with a towel, followed by applying your favourite lotion heated up by a hair dryer. Allow your skin to eat and drink as much as possible.
  12. Change your stuff—Occasionally; change the make-up stuff that you are using. Be it your lip gloss or eye liner. This will make you look re-energised.
  13. Tamed brows—The brows need to be tamed and be perfect to give you the perfect look. Use the tweezer from time to time to get the extra hairs off. AT least swipe a bronzer in between your brows between appointments to maintain the look.
  14. The survivor kit—Assemble all your necessities, be it lip gloss, eye liner or face powder at a place that comes in most handy. This kit should be with you at all times.
  15. Preserve your manicure—Add a coat of extra nail polish on your manicure before getting to bed, this helps to retain it longer. In case your nails are styled just use an upper coat.
  16. Bed head—Never go to bed with wet hair. Make sure your hair is dry before you get to bed. This leads to less hair breakage. Additionally add a few drops of your favourite serum to your hairbrush every morning to avoid frizzy hair. It really does not need to be always added to your hair.
  17. Let yourself shine—Stand up tall and offer the best of your posture. Think positive and walk tall. Mind your stature all day long. Offer your happiest smile whenever you feel like smiling. This helps you be in the best of your form.

These are the tricks that I have personally followed to get clear glowing skin.

My suggestion to all you girls out there would be to stop investing in pricey products and start the trend to look good from the inside.

The basic concept behind this being, the better we are on the inside, the better the reflection on the outside.

You can get rid of acne by getting pricey products or eating Healthy. In the first case, they will disappear slowly only to come back. In the second case they disappear completely, never to come back.

So girls, now is the time to change the thought. Go healthy, live beautiful.