Contact Lenses – How to select the correct one ?

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Coloured Lenses are becoming a popular fashion trendGone are those days when many used to get worried thinking that even a slight decrease in eyesight would lead them to wearing spectacles. Spectacles have been a nuisance for many as it sits on the nose for hours and also spoils the whole look of the face. With newer kinds of contact lenses flooding the market, more and more people are opting for them making the spectacles business fall low.

Spectacles are not only used by those who have weak eyesight but people sport them in various colours to add a zing to their overall look. Contact lenses are fun and easy to use now. Disposable contact lenses, coloured contact lenses and soft contact lenses are the most popular and their sales graphs are ever rising.

What is important and must be taken care of is the way you choose your contact lenses. Which of them are safe and comfortable is something to look out for. There are a few things that one must keep in mind while choosing a contact lens.

Consult An Eye Specialist

Before you go ahead with a buying a contact lens for yourself, consult an expert eye care professional who can examine and suggest you on what kind of contact lens to go for. They charge a usual fee and let you know what kind of contact lens your eyes will be comfortable with.

Contact lens should be carefully selected

How often you need to wear ?

Apart from this you must also decide on the frequency of wearing contact lens. Weekly, monthly and even daily disposable contact lenses are available in the market. Choose one according to your need. If your eyes are sensitive go for at the most weekly disposable lenses to avoid any harmful affects. They are a little more expensive than the long lasting usage time. So take in to consideration your budget and too and choose wisely.

KInd of Lens – Is coloured ?

You must also here decide what kind of lenses to go for; the coloured ones or the clear ones. What kind of lens colour would suit your face and complexion and look good on you.If you have myopia you may choose the lens accordingly. People suffering from long sightedness have other kinds of lenses. Bifocal contact lenses too are available in the market.

Do not wear uncomfortable lenses

As soon as you select one, you must try them for sometime and see if they are comfortable. If they aren’t, consult your eye care doctor to know which ones will suit you. You must not take any chances and continue wearing the uncomfortable contact lenses as fiddling with eyes can be hazardous. Wearing an uncomfortable contact lens can damage vision.

Always choose the brand that is renowned and most people trust. Consult your friends and family for that. The renowned brands will be more expensive but are definitely safer in the long run.

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