Challenges – Teaching An Autistic Kid

Autism mostly starts in the initial years of the child i.e. approximately till the age of 3 years. It is essential to understand the challenges and, correct manners of teaching an Autistic kid to prepare them for hurdles. This is because, most autistic children encounter hard problems in their future [1], related to their social and personal lives.

Autism Impairs Social Skills & Communication

Autism severely affects the communicative and social skills of a child. Children suffering from autism need special care and a lot of caution. It is a big challenge to deal with autistic children and teaching them is a great task. The basic idea is to throw new challenges and make them learn good habits.

Several elements need to be kept in mind while teaching autistic children. This article will help you with tips related to the teaching of autistic children.

Training autistic kids by picture learning

Using picture leaning techniques in teaching an autistic kid

Teaching an Autistic Kid with images: Autism can be treated if an autistic child is taught properly in the initial years itself. The first and foremost thing to understand in teaching autistic children is that most of them are confused with words. Autistic children are more imaginative and they view everything as an image.

Pictures are easy to understand

While teaching the kids with autism you need to have the ability to express everything in the form of a picture so that it becomes easy for the autistic child to grasp that word. In fact, the main reason behind this practice is that autistic children face difficulty in maintaining focus on all their sense at once. Therefore, the teachers of autistic children make them understand everything through their eyes so that they can focus on one thing at one time. In the initial stages, make the kids identify the images. After that, they need to learn how to pronounce those words.

Create a fixed learning hour & environment

The next thing to be followed is that you should never let autistic children get out of that teaching environment. You should know that they are very different from normal children and they need to be under an environment where they are always learning something. This means that after the learning hours of an autistic child, he/she need to be helped by their parents to learn the same things at home also.

Teaching with short sentences

The environment must be such that they don’t forget what they have been taught. Another thing to be kept in mind is that the sentences or steps taught to them must be short and simple. Autistic children face problem in remembering long sequences and tend to mix them up. Therefore they should be taught short strings initially and then as their learning power develops, the length of the strings can also be increased.

Educating autistic kids: encourage interest!

Encourage your kids interest

The third important tip is to teach autistic children in their areas of interest. If a child is interested in drawing, then everything taught to them must in the form of drawings. This way they will learn faster and with full interest and concentration. Every lesson taught to an autistic child must revolve around his area or subject of interest.

Changes irritate kids with Autism

Autistic children are not prone to frequent changes. In short, they like to see things going the same way every day. Hence, even the slightest change may irritate them. So, while teaching autistic children you must be careful not to change the teaching environment. And, if you are doing so, the child should be cautioned beforehand.

No doubt that teaching autistic children is a big challenge! But taking this challenge can make them live like others and also deliveringe them the courage to face the world.