5 Good habits for children that you must teach !

Good habits develop in early childhood

All of us want to raise good, healthy and obedient kids. Parents especially mothers make every effort to develop good habits in their kids. If you are a new mom/dad try to develop good hygiene habits as early as you can that will make your child more independent.

Kids should be taught about good habits

Some good hygiene habits for kids

Dental problems among kids are increasing every day. If chocolates, candies, aerated drinks are your Childs best friends then you should be more care full. Over indulging in candies and colas form dental cavities. Good oral hygiene can avoid complications.

1 Brushing Teeth

Show your child the right method of brushing by brushing with him. Let him clean his outer, inner and chewing surface of teeth and not to forget tongue cleaning as tongue is a store house of germs. Brushing twice daily should also be encouraged. Keeping this in your daily routine will develop a habit in your child and soon he will do it by himself.

2 Hand Washing

Encourage your child to learn the correct way of washing hands.Germs spread quickly through contaminated hands so make them learn proper method of hand washing. Tell him to wash hands before eating, after playing with pet, after using toilet, after coming back from school, after sneezing and coughing.

3 Taking a bath

Develop such a habit in your child that he must bathe every day. The best way is encouraging him by singing songs .This will make your child happy then tell him to apply soap and gently rub his entire body and pour water to rinse .Tell him the importance of staying clean by making small stories.Let your imagination flourish.

4 Using Tissue Papers

Encourage your child to use tissues while sneezing or sneeze into the crook of his elbow if tissue is not available. Sneezing on palms contaminates hands and germs spread swiftly.Long finger nails are good shelter of germs keep them short.

These small things keep your little ones healthy and happy. Do not forget, if you want them to follow these steps you have to follow it first to set good example.