5 Top Signs of Vitamin D deficiency in Adults|Remedy

Vitamins D are needed to maintain bones and teeth and muscles healthy and strong. Most people ignore the need for vitamin D. In fact, 70 -90% of people in India are suffering from vitamin D deficiency. Find these typical signs of Vitamin D deficiency that alerts you to take an action

Signs of Vitamin D deficiency

We are telling you about those basic signs that can tell you that you have not found vitamin D deficiency.

#1 Feeling tired all the time

The most important sign of a lack of vitamin D in the body is feeling tired all the time. If you feel tired even after consuming the right diet and getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night, it may be due to vitamin D deficiency.

So get your blood test done and try to know if this sunshine vitamin is deficient in your body.

#2 Back and Bones ache all the time

Vitamin D is also necessary for the absorption of calcium in the body. Intaking calcium is essential to containing bones, muscles and teeth powerful.

In such a situation, if you often have back pain, bone pain, then these can also be signs of vitamin D deficiency.

#3 If the injury does not heal quickly

Slow healing bruises are top signs of Vitamin D deficiency in Adults

If you get hurt somewhere but that injury is taking more time to heal, then it can also be a sign of vitamin D deficiency in the body.

Vitamin D helps fight infection and prevent inflammatory irritation in the body. When a vitamin is deficient in the body, the healing process of the wound becomes slow.

#4 Depression and bad mood

If you feel depression and anxiety all the time and your mood worsens, then it can also be a sign of vitamin D deficiency in your blood.

So go in the sun, breathe in the warm sunlight and sunlight in the morning. Stay in sunlight not only provides vitamin D but also relieves depression, keeps the mood fresh and happy.

#5 Hair fall without a reason

If there is a deficiency of vitamin D in the body, hair starts falling. That is because it contains the nutrient that helps hair follicles to grow. If its treatment starts on time, the hair fall and breakage can stop.

Foods rich in Vitamin D

These things will overcome vitamin D deficiency

#1 Salmon fish

Salmon fish is an excellent source of vitamin D. 100 grams of salmon fish contain about 66 percent of vitamin D. So, if you are a non-vegetarian and eat fish, then eat salmon fish and remove vitamin D deficiency.

#2 The yellow part of eggs

Those who do not eat fish need not be disturbed because only seafood is not the source of vitamin D. Rather, the egg is also an excellent source of vitamin D.

In the white part of the egg, where most of the protein is available. Fat, vitamins and minerals are in the egg yolks. The yellow portion of 1 egg contains 5 percent vitamin D.

#3 Orange juice

Orange juice is not only vitamin C rich, but it also helps to overcome vitamin D deficiency. Clear orange fresh juice at home instead of packed juice and drink it daily. You will benefit from this.

#4 Cow’s milk

Soaked Cotton in Milk on dark circles

Cow milk is a rich source of vitamin D. People should drink full cream milk, which contains more vitamin D and calcium.

#5 Eat yogurt

Curd made from milk is also rich in vitamin D. If you dislike yoghurt [1], then you can take lassi or buttermilk instead.