21 Easy Ways To Prevent Hair Breakage and Split ends Without breaking a sweat !

21 Natural Treatments To Prevent Hair Breakage and Split ends

Hair Loss and Breakage is a common problem faced by women across the world.Before exploring the easy ways to prevent hair breakage and split ends we must find out the causes that trigger this issue.

Reasons for Hair Breakage And Split Ends

Broadly speaking , hair breakage and split ends , in general ,  is caused due to a wrong selection of hair oil , a chemical exposure, repeated heat exposure , perming and straightening.Additionally , the reasons below are also the causes of hair fall and hair breakage.

  • Hair starts falling or begins to develop a breakage due to – lack of iron in the blood also called anaemia , a disease in the roots of hair,  dandruff or open head long exposure of hair in the sun.
  • Hair breakage and split ends are also due to genetic factors.
  • Especially , in women the condition is due to excessive stress, low level of estrogen harmone and  deficiency of vitamin ‘B’ and iodine in the body.
  • Hair Breakage and Split ends occurs due to the absence of proper cleaning of hair.
  • Many diseases like – Typhoid also cause hair loss and breakage.
  • Other conditions like pregnancy, reaction to medicines , blatant use of fragrant oils, application of cheaper shampoos also cause hair to fall.
  • The lack of nutrients in the food is a common cause of hair fall.For this, it is important to increase the amount of protein in the food as it creates a soft and shiny healthy hair.

26 Tips To Prevent Hair Breakage and Split ends

1.Oil your hair with fingers

It is necessary to oil your hair to keep them healthy and beautiful.A rough hair develops weak roots and begins to fall.

Using a soft hair brush is also a hair exercise.In fact , this increases circulation of blood (blood) in the head strengthening the roots.

You can even rub the roots of the hair with fingers with any good oil like – amla , coconut or almond hair oil.

The use of aromatic cheap oil in hair should be avoided because they weaken roots and becomes a cause of white hair.

2.Steam your hair

Applying steam to your hair not only makes them shiny and healthy but also prevents hair fall.

For this treatment , take hot water in a pot and soak a thick towel in it.

Now , squeeze the towel and wrap it around your hair for about 15 minutes.

Not to forget , apply oil a day before starting this natural treatment.

3.Keep your scalp clean

To avoid the problem of frequent hair fall, it is necessary to wash your head more often.

Stay away from combing wet hair after washing your hair as hair combs break hair when wet.In one word , Let the hair dry for a while and then comb it.

The use of hair dryer should be avoided and even if you need to use it , keep it at a distance of 6-8 inches from the hair.

Do not keep leave hair spray in the hair for long as its harmful chemicals can damage the hair.

4.Wash your hair with tea

After washing your hair , washing it again with tea water (without sugar and milk) lends it more shine.

More over , the remedy also prevents hair breakage and split ends.

5.Use Neem water

If your hairs have just begun to fall , use Neem leaves water to wash them.

This, will not only reduces hair fall and kill louses but will also give them black and shining appearance.

6.Lemon Juice for scalp issues

Hair wash with lemon juice reduces hair fall as well.

Pour 2 teaspoons of tea leaves in a glass of water , boil it and let it cool down.

After cooling and filtering it , squeeze a lemon into it.

Wash your hair thoroughly  with this water.At the end ,  wash the hair with clean water.

Washing the hair in this way makes your hair shiny and soft and the depletion also decreases.

7.Amla benefits in hair breakage

Amla benefits in natural nourishment to hair follicles promoting hair growth.

Keep Amla soaked in water for a night.Wash the head with this water in the morning.

This strengthens the roots of the hair and your hair becomes strong.

8.Cucumber  increases hair growth

Rinsing the juice of Armenian cucumber (Kakadi) on scalp increases hair density.

9.Cabbage for hair

Eat 50 gram leaves of cabbage daily ,  for 1 month , helps in re-growth and hair density.

10.Eat Chaulai (Amaranth leaves)  for split ends 

Eating Chowlai preparations also prevents split ends and hair fall.

11.Basil gets natural black hair

Can your white hair turn black again , absolutely ! If your hair falls in the early age or it has become white then follow these steps.

Mix basil leaves and the amla powder with water and massage it on your head.

Wash the head after 10 minutes.

It reduces hair loss and your hair gets long and black again.

12.Yellow oleander (Kaner) checks hair fall

Grind the roots of the Kaner, Danti (Croton polyandrum) and bitter ridge gourd and boil this banana juice .

Apply this on your hair.

This , magically stops hair loss  .

13.Hartal Herb  paste for hair

Make paste of 10 grams of hartal herb , 50 grams powder of conch and 10 grams of bastard teak.

Apply this paste on your hair .

It stops the hair fall.

14.Curd is a hair tonic

To prevent hair fall ,  wash your head with curd , because ,  curd contains all the ingredients that have a healthy hair needs to have.

Massage your head with curd and rinse your hair after 20 minutes.

Curd is an excellent herbal treatment for the nourishment and growth of hair as well.

It conditions your hair as well as prevents hair breakage.

15.Henna strengthens hair root

Application of paste made from beet root and henna leaves is very beneficial against split ends , hair breakage and hair fall.

Its application promotes black hair growth and its antifungal properties kills bacterial infections.

16.Cinnamon prevents hair thinning

Heat olive oil and drop 1 table spoon of honey and 1 table spoon of cinnamon power it.

Apply this paste on your hair scalp 15 minutes before taking a bath.

This is an effective remedy again baldness and thinning hair.

17.Turmeric encourages healthy hair

Mix juices of beet in raw turmeric and apply it in the head.

The combination of turmeric and beet juice is anti-inflammatory , detoxifying , hair nutrient rich.

It also acts as a natural dye apart from being a natural black hair growth promoter.

18.Mango leaves for breakage free hair

Mango is rich in vitamin A which helps in fighting dandruff and adding shine to your hair. It is often used as an ingredient in hair moisturizers. Mangoes contain vitamin E which improves scalp circulation and encourages hair growth.

The presence of Vitamin A in Mango makes it an effective herbal remedy against dandruff and hair ailments.

Vitamin E present in Mango improves blood circulation in scalp encouraging growth of healthy breakage free hair.

Apply grinded leaves of the soft branches of mango tree on scalp to encourage healthy hair growth.

Mix green mango peels paste with any oil and place it in the sun for 1 hour.

Now , apply this paste on your scalp for 10 minutes to remove breakage , split ends and dandruff.

19.Black Mustard Seeds prevents split ends

Make a paste of half baked and half raw mustard seeds and add mix it with regular mustard oil.

Apply this paste on your head for 10 minutes and then rinse your head.

This is a very effective remedy against thin hair as it stimulates hair growth.

20.Garlic juice and hair growth

Garlic juice with onion juice on scalp promotes hair growth and strength.

Why ? Because the antimicrobial and antifungal properties of garlic removes bacteria and common infections from head ! Moreover , onion juice supplements hair necessary nutrients.

Apply garlic juice mixed with onion juice on scalp for 15 minutes 3 times a day for a few weeks.

This will magically improve hair growth and remove common issues associated with hair.

21.Coconut against hair fall and split ends

The presence of vitamin E, vitamin K and iron not only increase hair density but also protects heair roots against dust and excess heat.

Apply fenugreek powder mixed with coconut oil on your head to stops hair fall and prevent breakage.