5 top benefits of milk as a health drink

Milk is an important part of our diet.

Most people think that as we grow older,our body does not require it. This is a myth! In fact, the nutrient-rich liquid is an important source of calcium for people of all ages.

Unlike the common belief, the milk is not a source of fat but, a great source of all vital nutrients that can be consumed by anybody except people allergic to it.

Glowing Skin

Milk is rich source of calcium and phosphorus

Milk has many vital elements which is responsible for a healthy glowing skin. It contains lactic acid which keeps your skin soft.

The presence of anti-oxidants in the drink saves your skin from harmful effects due to climate. As a cold compress in home remedies, milk is used for dark circles removal.

Strength of Bones

Milk and milk products are rich in calcium,phosphorus and protein which is responsible for the development and health of bones.

A daily glass of milk reduces the chances of osteoporosis to a great extent. Milk’s constituent calcium and phosphorus are good for the health of your teeth.It is also beneficial for the teeth from the fact that it contains a protein called casein which creates a protective cover on enamel to make our teeth and gums healthy.

Powerful muscles

The proteins in milk helps to strengthen your muscles.

Taking a glass of milk after an exercise is found to be effective as it powers the body for the cell repair.It also fulfills lack of liquids in the body due to workouts.

Stress Buster

One glass of warm milk before going to bed at night relaxes your muscles and induces good sleep.

Lowers health risks

The presence of calcium and protein in Milk regulates blood pressure and lowers chances of stroke and cardio-vascular diseases.

Milk contains vitamin A and Vitamin B which is good for eyes. It is known to reduce the chances of cancer. It keeps your brain healthy due to vitamin b12.