4 Best Yoga Asanas for a healthy liver

An unhealthy liver displays several symptoms like chronic fatigue, lack of sleep, loss of appetite and improper digestion.In this post , we will learn about yoga asanas that helps to keep liver healthy because liver is vital for the body’s metabolic functions and immune system.

Let us discover about the several yoga practices that helps us to detoxify the liver helping it to function at its best.


Best Yoga Asanas for a healthy liver


Dhanur Asana

Dhanurasana is one of the best yoga Asanas for a healthy liver

While performing this yoga asana , shape the body looks like bow shaped.Hence it is also known as Bow Pose.

Dhanurasana can do wonders for people suffering from fatty liver disease.This is one of the best yoga asana for a healthy liver.

It stimulates and strengthens the liver also using the stored fat for delivering energy to the body.This asana also helps to reduce belly fat and strengthens abdominal organs .

How do do dhanurasana ?

To do this asana , lie down on your stomach and then gradually take the knees of ankles with your hands and move the feet upwards.

In this way your body looks like a bow shape.

Try to raise your head and thighs upwards as per your capacity.

As long as you can, try to remain in this posture.

Gomukh Asana

Gomukh Asana is a popular yoga posture for liver related issues

Gomukhasan Yoga is also known as cow pose.It is one of the best postures for the natural treatment of liver cirrhosis.

When you are suffering from liver cirrhosis, the oxygen and blood flow is stopped by the scar in the tissue.

In this way, your liver becomes unable to remove toxic substances and pathogenic bacteria.

By practicing this asana, the metabolism increases in the liver ensuring un-obstructed oxygen and blood flow through it.

How to do Gomukhasana Yoga ?

Place left leg ankle near the right buttocks on the left foot and place the right foot over the left thigh.

Keep the knees above each other.

After this , slowly move the left hand behind the back.

Then move the right hand back on the right shoulder.

Bind the hands together to each other.

Keep your spinal cord and neck straight in this pose.

Kadalbhati Pranayama

KapalBhati Pranayam Yoga has established benefits in liver ailments

Pranayam is an inhalation practice which is known for promoting liver health of people suffering from liver cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis and other diseases.

You can also do kapalbhati pranayam to strengthen your liver.

Kapalbhati Pranayama also known as Skull Shining Breathing Exercise is a yoga exercise which helps in liver stimulation and effectively treats various types of liver problems effectively.

Kapalbhati Pranayam is an established yoga technique to improves blood circulation for the whole body ,  there by , keeping you healthy.

How to do Kapalalbhati Pranayama ?

For meditation sit on a yoga mat and close your eyes.

You need to breathe in deeply and breathe out deeply through your nose.

When carrying out the breath, pull the stomach inwards.This is an action of exhaling once per second.

Ardha Matsayedrasana

Ardha Matsayendra is extremely beneficial yoga asana for healthy liver

Ardha Matsayedrasana puts pressure on the liver which in turn stimulates the liver.This asana is considered to be extremely beneficial for the liver.

It enhances blood circulation in the Pelvic region as well as improves the function of reproductive organs.

It enhancing the flexibility the spinal  and increase the supply of oxygen to the lungs.

How to do Ardha Matsayedrasana ?

Sit on the ground and spread both of your feet forward.

Turn the left foot in such a way that the heel is touching the edge of your thighs.

After this, place the right foot near the left knee on the ground.

Place the left arm on the right knee and hold the right foot’s toes with the left hand.

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