These Benefits of Camel Dairy Products will surprise you !

Benefits of Camel Dairy Products

Scientific studies indicate that the antibodies present in camel milk can help fight diseases such as cancer, hepatitis, or Alzheimer’s. They also claim that this milk is much more nutritious than cow’s milk, rich in vitamins B and C, lower in fat, higher in potassium, and has ten times more iron than cow’s milk.

Camel Milk Products

In many Arab and African countries, it is consumed in large quantities and is also used to make cheese, yogurt, and butter, in addition to the line of cosmetics based on camel milk. All these products arise from camel dairy

Camel Milk Benefits

Studies by Israeli scientists showed that camel milk was a perfect treatment to cure food allergies in addition to strengthening organic defenses. Cow’s milk often causes allergies in children due to the beta-lactoglobulin and beta-casein it contains. In contrast, camel milk does not contain beta-lactoglobulin and its beta-casein is different. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) intends that camel milk be introduced in Western countries on a larger scale given its benefits, in addition, they assure that the commercialization of camel milk products would guarantee more food for people in developing countries.

But some obstacles must still be overcome, such as the fact that the taste of this milk, very different from cow’s milk, is not to the liking of the population. The conservation of the product is also one of the problems because, at the moment, camel milk is incompatible with the ultra-high temperature treatment that it requires for a longer duration.

We do not doubt that in a short time, camel milk will become one of the new products incorporated in health food stores in the West.

Camel Milk Soaps

Women in the Middle East have always used organic camel milk as a mask that effectively protects delicate facial skin from the sun’s rays and the harsh desert climate. Camel milk is extremely rich in various useful substances: proteins that moisturize, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin, vitamins C, A, B1, B2, and B12, immunoglobulins and natural carotene, various minerals; It is capable of restoring the natural collagen of the skin, rejuvenating the skin, nourishing and moisturizing it effectively.

Milk proteins have anti-inflammatory and lightning effects. Exfoliates dead cells and strengthens and moisturizes dehydrated skin, thus combating expression lines and preventing the formation of new wrinkles. The natural antibiotics it contains are effective against psoriasis, seborrhea, and dermatitis, and are capable of naturally smoothing wrinkles and lightening facial skin. Even Queen Cleopatra, famous for her beauty, used camel milk for her famous baths.

Camel Milk Cheeses

Camel milk cheeses are little known around the world, but they have gained recognition in their country. When you travel to the East, be sure to try this unusual product. After all, you won’t have the opportunity to taste camel cheese in another country.

Camel Milk As a Medicinal Purpose

If you use camel milk for medicinal purposes, then you need to drink it, as doctors recommend, about half a liter a day. For an average healthy person, the daily amount can be one to two cups.

Milk should not be drunk in one gulp but sip by sip, savoring slowly. Then it will be better absorbed. Take a sip, hold it in your mouth, and swallow. And in fifteen minutes drink a glass. And then the intestines will be in excellent condition and all the nutrients will be assimilated.


The benefits of camel milk have long been known in the West. Unique properties and therapeutic effects on the human body distinguish it from other food products.