Skin Darkening – Reasons and Natural Remedies

The natural colour, texture and appearance of a person’s skin, especially of their face is what we generally term as their complexion.

Dusky, fair, blonde there are many names to the type of skin colour that we see.

Skin Tones

The amount or pigments in our cells is what causes the skin colour to be.

Actually , over the ages experts have divided the tones of our skin in six different tones.

6 Types of Skin Tones

These being:-

  1. Light skin tone—the pigments are usually pale white or freckled
  2. Fair skin tone—pigments are white in this case
  3. Medium—pigments are white to light brown
  4. Olive—pigments are moderate brown
  5. Brown—the pigments are dark brown
  6. Black—pigments are very dark brown to black

A healthy skin is the next category that we divide the skin into. Dry or dull skin does not quite make the best out of us. The necessity of the moment is healthy, glowing skin.

A healthy boost of good food and proper moisturisation is what comes next in the way.And then there came skin problems.

A serious deterrent to our beauty, skin problems are something that are caused by our lifestyle factors and the ambience that our delicate skin has to endure all day long.

Skin Darkening Reasons

Deterioration of the glow in our skin has many reasons

There are various reasons for the deterioration of the glow in our skin—

  • Pigmentation—Pigmentation is something that affects only the upper layers of our body. This makes a huge difference on how we see ourselves and what we think of ourselves. Our skin gets its color from melanin. The melanocyte cells in our body produce these pigments that are responsible for the look of our skin. In certain areas of our skin if the concentration of melanin is too high it may result in the production if freckles or beauty marks are also the indication of the presence of a huge range of pigments in our skin. Sun exposure, actually initiates melanin production. Hence the fairer your skin the faster you get burnt.
  • Sun Rays—The UV rays of the sun on our skin are more harmful then just producing the melanin. Melanoma is one of the most serious diseases that can be caused by sun exposure. Extensive sun exposure can also leave you blotchy, i.e a part of your skin can be darker than its surrounding areas.
  • Rosacea– This is the swelling of the blood cells of the skin just under your skin. In this disease the skin turns red, and breaks into sores that looks like acne. Any fair-skinned woman aged 30-50 can have this disease. This is also a reaction to extreme sun exposure and a lot of activities in the sun.
  • Ageing skin—Ageing skin is yet another reason why, you lose the beauty of your skin. Ageing can be a reason of sun exposure, environmental factors, make-up usage and several other factors. As of age, your skin thins and loses its elasticity leading to various other diseases that the skin can have that may include bruising and tearing of skin easily. With age the skin problems get so acute that it is difficult to tell the normal ones from the disorders.
  • Large pores—There are a number of pores on human skin and sometimes they appear to stand out. They can cause a number of problems to our skin that includes acne and blemishes. Pores are openings on our skin that let out the sweat. But in case they turn out to be huge, it can be really difficult to remember that they are actually there for a good cause. There are a number of reasons that cause large pores, but they can be easily prevented by a few precautionary measures.
  • Allergies— An allergy can be caused by something that you have eaten or touched. The reaction is felt by the skin instantly in the form of breakouts on it, that sometimes tend to leave marks on the skin. These marks in the course of time can actually damage the beauty of your skin, making it filled with spots. Some allergies also tend to leave the skin dry or oily.
  • Climate-heat stroke— Intense heat leads to reactions in the skin. IT varies from person to person. Some may have acne, some might get dark-dry skin that is difficult to heal for days to come. Heta strokes occur when the body cannot maintain its desired temperature level and malfunctions. The sweat produced on our skin lets it keep on the desired temperature level thus reversing the effects of the increased heat, failing which the result is that of a heat stroke.
  • Pollution— the results of eth developing human society pollution is yet another big reason we are losing on the lustre of our skin faster. The freely floating smog, dirt and dust in the air, in contact with the suns UV rays create free radicals. Free radicals are highly charged oxygen molecules that attack cells and damage DNA causing discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Nutritional deficiencies— Rough dry skin is a common sign of Vitamin A deficiency. The deficiency of Zinc, leads to increased sun tanning. Deficiency of both of these may lead to ACNE. Vitamin C maintains the extracellular stability of the skin. Deficiency of Vitamin C can also lead to dry and dull skin.
  • Side effect of medication— Medication for a long term takes a toll on our body and the effects are sometimes visible on the skin. Medication leads to damage in the cells of the body which may in turn also harm the skin. The symptoms vary from person to person.

Well, well, well that seems to be a very long list. This is scary for all the women out there. Worry not!

Skin Darkening Natural Remedies

A glowing skin can be attained with these natural methods

There are also ways to get your skin to look as lively as your mood.

Just follow a few simple steps:-

  1. Keep it clean—no matter what type your skin is, proper cleansing is always necessary. Oily, dry, combination or normal skin, be sure you cleanse it everyday the right way. Never let the pores get blocked or the pollution set in and there you are with miraculously wonderful skin.Make it a point to splash your face with water every time you step in the washroom. It keeps the harm at bay.

    Another point to note , is that washing your face with alum also promotes skin whitening and removal of wrinkles.

  2. Wear proper clothes—Wearing proper clothes is another necessary step towards maintaining glowing skin. This is the best way to block the sun’s UV rays. NO matter how effective a sunscreen is, it is no match against your clothing. No wonder the parts of our body covered look as good as ever. This is because no amount of damage has ever been able to reach them. The skin is the same for all of our body.
  3. Stay hydrated—Any celebrity who has ever been asked the reason of their good looks has always come up with one single answer. I drink a lot of water. It keeps your skin healthy. Do the same. It actually works. A minimum of 8 glasses of water is a must if you want flawlessly radiant and beautiful skin.
  4. Home remedies—the internet is flooded with a number of options to keep your skin glowing and healthy. There are multiple number of natural home packs available to treat your skin each with a different ingredient to help you choose the pack that is best suited for you. Choose efficiently and these actually work to treat your skin and make it look beautiful.
  5. Face pack—a number of face packs are also available.These face packs if chosen rightly can also help you achieve the desired results.
  6. Eat right—Eating right is the most important part though. Cause if you are not feeling good inside you can never feel better on the outside. All that greasy food you eat has to go somewhere right? That goes straight to your skin and reflects on your face. What you eat shows on your face. So try switching to the more healthy options that shows on your skin and not on your belly.