How to prevent a migraine onset- Natural treatments

Preventing the onset of migraine

Migraine is a long-term troublesome and frequent headache.

In this disorder , a headache triggers due to bright light, sharp sound or any odour.

It occurs in one half of the head and remains for one to three days.

Migraines are a neurological condition, with which to feel overwhelmed, feeling embarrassed or shuddering around the face and joints.

Generally  , this problem is genetic but with the help of some home remedies, you can  get a relief .

Prevent a migraine onset with natural diet and cautions



Grape juice can cure migraine completely 

There are many dietary fibers , vitamins (A and C) , riboflavin and essential carbohydrates in grapes, which provide relief from migraine pain.

Grape juice can completely eliminate migraines problem caused due to nutritional deficiency.

If you add homemade grape juice in your daily routine you will not only prevent migraine onset but also get relief in the pain.

Ginger blocks Migraine triggering peptide

A study has shown that ginger powder helps in suppressing migraine onset

In fact , Ginger plays an important role in removing stress and physical pain.More over , it also provides relief in migraine pain.

You can consume Ginger juice and lemon juice a natural treatment for migraine.In this regard , consumption of ginger tea also works well.

Another key point is that Ginger significantly reduces a peptide called CGRP in the body associated with triggering migraines.

Take a half teaspoon of ginger in a little warm water when you feel your migraine is going to start.

Cinnamon Paste for Migraine

Cinnamon is a magical spice that can effectively treat headache and migraine.

In other words , Cinnamon provides not only a different taste to your food, but also provides relief from migraine’s pain.

Mix cinnamon powder with water and make paste then apply on the forehead.

After half an hour wash it with lukewarm water.

You will start receiving benefits immediately.

Bright light triggers migraine

Must to remember , that during a migraine attack patients feel uneasy with bright light and prefer to be in a dark room.

If you are suffering from migraine, do not stay in bright light for a long time.

On the other hand if you are required to be in bright light ambience wear some dark glasses.

Massage adds relief to migraine

Massage provides relief in migraine headaches pain.Moreover , it is also the most common home remedy for migraine pain relief.

Stretching the neck and massage on the skin of the head strengthens blood flow and gives you relief from pain.