How to diet in case of weight loss !

Today everyone wants to get slim and shaped body since looks have become really important.In order to get it people starts dieting. Many books have been written and many weight loss tips have been given. Today majority of people spend a lot on different weight loss plans, start anything that claims weight loss .when we decide to diet, we aim to achieve desired figure after losing weight just to look good and dress smarter. So we start crash diets without actually knowing them. This kind of diet ends like a bad relationship.

So before going on diet you should know and understand healthy eating. Start your diet to make it your lifelong friend not just your ex girlfriend. Experts say that the only way to reduce excess weight is to cut the total value of calories you eat or to burn more calories through exercise.

It is known that excess food is converted into fats and stored in our body. When our weight is steady it means we are storing and using fat at equal rates .If food intake exceeds this balance get disturbed and we gain weight. That is the reason exercise is required to burn excess fat.

How much weight loss is safe?

Expert suggest a goal of 1lb (0.45kg) a week is safe.1lb of stored fat has 3500calories so, you have to reduce 500 calories a day through diet and exercise. At least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day can help dieters keep their weight off for longest time

Tips for dieters

  • · Avoid simple carbohydrate such as sugar, white bread, white rice, pasta. Complex carbohydrate found in whole grain foods vegetables and fruits are better options.
  • · Do not skip meal
  • · Eat breakfast
  • · Do not fast
  • · Portion control is the key to healthy eating. Eat small portions.
  • · Do not take appetite suppressants.
  • · Drink plenty of water and other fluids.
  • · Some low fat foods can be taken. Do not cut all fat.
  • · Brown rice, lentil, yams and apples should be added in diet.
  • · Bulky food should be chosen .For example an orange instead of orange juice can give you less calorie and high fiber
  • · Do not get frustrated, have a small portion of your favorite high calorie food occasionally since deprivation urges you to eat more.


Avoiding Reversal of weight

When you reach the desired weight after dieting, try to make your weight stable and do not let it come back again. Eat a variety of healthy foods, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and low fat protein. Do not forget portion control as moderation is the key in life.