Expert Opinion On Nano Hearing Aid: Review & Analysis

Nano Hearing Aid Reviews

Wondering about should you buy a Nano hearing Aid for hearing loss treatment? Nano Hearing Aids is the most well-known online hearing aid company, claiming its products as FDA-registered and medical-grade hearing aid solutions.

But as there are several rumors and complaints about this company, thus newer users certainly have endless queries on this. 

Look no further! Get the best answer by exploring the expert opinion on Nano hearing aid. Scroll down! Check out here nano hering aid reviews

Is NANO Advanced Hearing Technology the Hearing Aid SCAM in The Industry?  [Explore The Pros & Cons]

Not exactly! The Nano Hearing aids are certainly not a scam. But from the reviews of the various well-qualified doctors, the things that the company claims are a bit far from the truth. 

Anyway, take a look at the best parts as well as the cons of the Nano hearing devices to make all the confusion clear:


  • Features the Rechargeable and battery-powered options 
  • Equips several advanced technologies for reducing noises
  • Noise filtering and noise cancelling technology
  • Affordable
  • Discreet  fitting
  • Doesn’t require any hearing tests or a prescription to have a Nano hearing aid.
  • Feature sound environment settings
  • The company is offering returning policies within 45 days


  • Aids are the FDA-certified
  • There is no system of health insurance
  • The app may not prove well in hearing tests as doctors perform
  • Having a bunch of bad reviews on customer services
Features of Nano Hearing Aids

Features Of Nano Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are incredible options, offering all the amazing features to satisfy various hearing needs. According to the company, the Nano includes the following features to their hearing devices:

#- Rechargeability

Almost all of the Nano hearing aids feature rechargeable batteries. The batteries come in two variations. One is disposable and the other one is non-removable that are sealed inside the hearing aid. These aids have a charging station to recharge them. 

#-Wireless App Control

The Nano company develops a Nano mobile app that allows users to make the best adjustments and settings according to their preferences. Plus there include options for changing the setting as well. 

#- Best Control Over Background Noise

The Nano hearing aids feature Noise reduction technology that lets the users get focuses on specific sounds. It helps to reduce the noise from the surrounding. 

#- Sound Environment Settings

All the Nano hearing aids have a few pre-programmed settings that help to adjust and reduce environmental noises. In many models, you will even get the setting to adjust the volume as well. 

#- Digital Sound Processing

The Nano hearing aids include digital sound processing(DSP) that basically takes sound through the microphone and converts them into digitized codes. Here the sounds are processed through DSP technology.

#- Feedback Cancellation

Apart from the DSP technology, the hearing aids equip noise-canceling technology that is far more effective to reduce the Feedback at the most level. 

#- Directional Microphone

Most of the Nano hearing aids have directional microphones to improve sound quality. The directional pick up sound waves from a specific direction and aid them to reduce the noise from the wave.  

Expert Reviews On Nano Hearing Aids

Well! After going through the customer reviews on the Nano website, certainly, you’ll wonder about the expert suggestion on the Nano device before purchasing it. It will be worth including that, various audiologists and doctors have given their opinion on these devices.

Today we’re including the review and research of the doctor of audiology and founder of Applied Hearing- Dr Cliff Olson.

While reviewing he highlights that “Nano Advanced Hearing Technology is one of the most deceptive online hearing aid companies”. In his video, he compared the Nano aids with a Chinese amplifier from Alibaba.

 In the first phase, he couldn’t find any significant differences during the object testing. They were almost in the same color, build quality, volume wheel, and microphone. 

Except this, he has noticed a few drawbacks in aids and the claiming company. First off, he found only two volume adjustment screwdrivers on the device. Also, according to his saying, the aids have horrific sound quality that may disappoint most hearing loss prescriptions.

He also includes that most of the features are almost identical to the cheap Alibaba product but their claimed price is too high than that. But overall, the aids are quite comfortable to get into the air.   

Are Nano Hearing Devices Effective For Hearing Issues?

No! From the customer and expert reviews, Nano hearing devices are not quite well effective as an aid for severe hearing loss. But in case of occasion use or for any minor issue, the device is perfect to go on. The Nano devices will be helpful to hear in specific environments like reducing noise or while listening to a distant speaker. 

In case you are suffering from severe hearing loss, it will be far better to head to a certified audiologist to ensure your best treatment.

Can Nano Hearing Aids Be Adjusted?

Yes! The hearing aids feature a few program settings that allow users to adjust the environments like reducing noise. Even a user can connect their developed Nano smartphone app to pick different modes and volume settings. Also, there are features to adjust the volume as well according to the users’ preferences. 

Is It Worth It To buy Nano Hearing Aids? 

Well! The factors depend on how much hearing issues you are suffering from. In case you are experiencing hearing loss, the best course of action is to head to an audiologist or ENT doctor.

But if you are just going through hearing trouble, first you need to test your hearing. The profession will help to identify better devices or treatments underlying your issues.

 If he suggests a Nano Hearing aid, only then go with it. Without a prescription, it will never be worth it to have Nano hearing aids even when you are unknown of your hearing issues.


Still being confused whether Nano hearing aid is well effective on severe hearing issues? Hopefully not! Our disclosed expert opinion on Nano hearing aid is enough to rectify all of your queries!

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