Dry fruits benefits in health

People stay away from dry fruit and nuts due to fear that they might gain weight.Taking dry fruits and nuts in summers is not a problem , just make sure you are taking it in the right form.


Almond is a good source of folic acid

Almond is often linked with good memory.Remember  ? your mother never missed to include it in your diet during exam days ! Doctors find almond effective against diabetes and heart patients.The minerals like potassium and calcium in this dry fruit make our bones strong.According to doctors , the vitamin-E found in almond even keeps diseases like cancer at bay.People with lower count of red blood cells are often prescribed to take folic Acid which is again found in almonds.

Cashew nut

Cashew nut is a good source of magnesium

This dry fruit helps you overcome the deficiency of vital nutrients in your body.As we all know , this dry fruit is extremely rich in carbohydrate and protein , but people with deficiency of iron , zinc and copper can also find it helpful.Cashew nut is also good source of magnesium which is beneficial for bones development.The phosphorus present makes it useful for teeth as well.


Peanut is befecial for heart patients

Peanut has a lot of vital nutrients which is beneficial for heart patients.You can consult a dietician about the exact quantity of peanut intake.It is better to have one table spoon of peanut not more than 4 times a week.Peanut fulfills the deficiency of calcium , potassium and b3.

Pistachio nut

Pistachio is rich in lutein which is good for eyes

Pistachio contains a whopping 30 types of vitamins and lots of minerals.It has all things that makes a healthy diet item.It helps you repair the damages done to our body by stress and anxiety.If you want to keep your eyes healthy for a longer period start taking this dry fruit.The presence of lutein and antioxidant in plenty is very effective against skin and eyesight problems.