Depression symptoms and treatment

In our daily life we face several situations that make us sad or little bit disappointed. Losing some body, a breakup, failures, and many more situations agitate us but at last life has to move on, we go back to normal life and intensity of sadness becomes less. In depression it affects brain chemistry which gets disturbed.

Signs of depression

  • Classic sign of depression is change in eating pattern. Some people lose desire to eat, others turn voracious eaters especially focused on carbohydrate.
  • Feeling of sadness
  • People with depression do not sleep continuously, multiple awaking have been seen in them.
  • Other sleep disorders like insomnia, Shift work sleep disorder (SWSD), excessive sleepiness may also be present.
  • Feeling of being worthless
  • Thinking about death.
  • Any one suffering from some of these signs for more than two weeks should seek medical help.

Dietary help in depression

  • Depressed people often neglect their food. This could worsen the condition as nutritional requirement do not get fulfilled. It has been seen that a balanced diet help stabilize mood.
  • Food containing complex carbohydrate has been found to be calming and relaxing. Choices can be pasta, cereals, fruit juices, breads and grains.
  • Consumption of sugar should be limited.
  • Vitamin (B6, B12, folate) have been found to help in certain forms of depression Potatoes, bananas whole grains, fish, poultry are some source of vitaminB6. Green leafy vegetables.
  • Asparagus, peas, lentil, corn and nuts contain folate and vitamin B12is found in all animal food, fortified soy and rice beverages.
  • Turkey, almonds and pumpkin seeds naturally contain tryptophan that help induce sleep and may be useful in certain type of depression.
  • Consumption of alcohol in any form and caffeine should be limited.
  • If the patient is taking antidepressant drugs in the class called mono amine oxidase(MAO)inhibiters he should be careful while consuming foods that contain tyramine and other amines since drug food interaction can produce serious side effects.
  • Avoid dry fermented sausages such as pepperoni, summer sausages smoked or pickled fish, tofu, any over ripe or fermented fruit and certain wines which contain tyramine .
  • Omega3fattyacids are found in some fatty fishes, flax seeds and flax seed oil some studies say that it is helpful in fighting depression. More research is required but keeping this in your diet would not harm.