9 Activated Charcoal Benefits You did not know !

Activated Charcoal Benefits and Side Effects

You will be surprised to know that charcoal especially the activated charcoal is beneficial for the body.It replaces toxins and chemicals from our body.As there are activated charcoal benefits so are its side effects so we must find out what works and what goes against it.

Where does activated come from

Activated charcoal is also called activated carbon.In fact , It is a processed form of carbon whose low-volume pores surface area is made to increase the capacitance.

You might have heard Activated charcoal being used in cleanser, face mask, scrubs and soap.Ancient Egyptians were the first know and understand the benefits of activated charcoal.

It is usually used to stop poison in our body.It is not common in our house but these are used in the hospitals for spider bites, food poisoning, or those who swallow poisonous chemicals.

Its detoxification property has been found to  improve liver, kidney and thyroid gland ailments.

Can you make activated charcoal at home

Absolutely ! Activated charcoal is available commercially as tablets and capsules but you can also prepare it at your home following some process.

Top Benefits of activated charcoal

1.Teeth Whitening

Charcoal cleans teeth and makes it shiny.

Sprinkle some quantity of activated charcoal powder on your daily toothpaste and brush it in the tooth. After this you brush with it and rinse properly and let its particles get out of the mouth. Also, these days the market is flooded with activated charcoal toothpaste which you can easily buy and try.

Using this, you will start seeing positive results within only two weeks.

2.Activated charcoal for Skin

Activated charcoal can protect your skin from pollution.Activated charcoal cleans the face thoroughly by absorbing toxin from the skin.It works like a magnet for toxin.

So before sleeping at night, wash the face with charcoal based face wash and sleep.With this your skin will always glow.

3.Blackhead Remover

If you are troubled of blackheads and are tired of all the measures, then activate charcoal based blackhead removal strips. It will also eliminate dark blackheads on the face.

To clean the face thoroughly, use activated charcoal as a face mask every week.Those who have oily skin problem should use it twice a week.People who have a dry skin, do not forget to apply a good moisturizer after using it as a face pack.

4.Cures Acne

Because of detoxifying and excellent cleanliness properties, activated charcoal removes acne scars in a few days.

It cleanses the skin with cleaning the pores and keeps the skin glow throughout the day.With this, it also removes toxic particles and extra oil from the face.You can use it directly on the pimples. Pimples will cure.

5.Removes Facial Pores

Many times, facial pores are open more than need, which do not look good in appearance.In this way activated charcoal will help you to block your face pores again.It reduces the inside of the open pores by cleaning it.

6.Purifies Water

Charcoal is very useful for better cleaning by removing the dirt present in the water.Therefore charcoal is used in many countries to clean water.Due to this quality of cleanliness, it is used in many beauty products.

7.Used in Intestinal Problems

The properties of absorption and reducing cholesterol in the blood are also present in activated charcoal.

Coal is used in many places for stomach pain or intestinal problems.There has been reports about its use in diarrhoea, constipation and tumour problems.

8.Reduces Cholestasis

In pregnant women, when the flow of bile decreases, it has an effect on the cholangitis.In this situation there is a problem like cholestasis, which can be easily solved by charcoal.

9.Treats Snake Bite

Charcoal is a lot of work to take away the poison of snake bite or other poisonous animals .

Because it contains poisonous substances present.By using it at the right time, poison can be stopped by growing.But instead of just being charcoal, it is necessary to treat other appropriate treatment.

Is Activated Charcoal Safe ?

The most common question is that whether activated charcoal is safe for us and does it have any side effects.In that reference i would like to add that Toxicology studies have proved it to be harmless.

Further , even if you accidently take its high dose , it does not harm appetite , sleep or any serious health complications.

On a safer side , after consuming activated charcoal follow a gap of 2 hours before taking any medication. Activated charcoal has a known tendency to create constipation and for that you need to take laxative. They also cause blackened stool but that is all harmless.