7 Unknown beneficial uses of coconut oil

You have been using coconut oil from the ‘recommendations’ of your grandmother. Now, Discover ! the unknown benefits of coconut oil and wet bet you will be surprised.

Most of the people in tropical countries are aware of the coconut water and its benefits and it is always good to know about the benefits the coconut oil as well.

Saving cream Alternative

Natural saving cream from Coconut Oil

The coconuts  can save your money on saving creams , weird  ?  Well ! , the just wet your skin , apply coconut oil on it and play a razor on it . In this way it will not only protect you from razor burns and dry skin but also the shaving will be in a right way.

Natural Mouth wash

Natural Mouth wash from Coconut Oil

The alcohol and fluoride containing mouthwash that is present in the market can  be harmful.In this case , there is the great importance to  coconut oil gargle in Ayurveda. If you fill coconut oil in your mouth and gargle with it , the bacteria’s of your mouth will be removed .

Prevents Wrinkle formation

Coconut Prevents Wrinkles formation

The magic of virgin coconut oil for crepey skin has only been noticed recently. Coconut oil, in fact, has been associated with increased collagen production (a natural protein found in your skin which gives it elasticity and firmness.

Mix the capsule of Vitamin E into the coconut oil and apply on the part of wrinkles of the face . Doing this tightens your skin and wrinkles decrease.

Curbs hunger

Coconut benefits in killing hunger pangs

If you consume food made in coconut oil then you do not feel hunger for a long time . It contains medium saturated fatty acid which keeps the hunger in control for long a time .

Treats diaper Rashes

Coconut treats diaper Rashes in babies

If the child wearing  diaper for a long time then his skin become rough and rashes appear.The coconut oil can be used to remove rashes and rough skin.

Bathroom equipment’s cleaning  and rust removal

Bathroom equipment's rust remover

There are many equipment in the bathroom like tap , shower etc. Apply coconut oil in the cloth and scrub this cloth on these . Doing this will make all equipment of the bathroom shine and remove the rust .

Used as Natural Deodorant

Coconut is also used as Natural Deodorant

With coconut oil  you can stay away from bad sweat odor for the whole day .Mix 1/4 cup of baking soda into 6 spoon full coconut oil and mix on 1/4  cup arrowroot or and some drops of eucalyptus or mint oil and keep this natural deodorant solution in a jar .