6 Stress Busting and Rejuvenating Yoga Asanas

We often  forget small things after out of tiredness and tensions of the day .But We can overcame to this trouble , by doing Yoga for 10 minutes .These yoga asana or exercises not only improves our memory but also reduces the stress and anxiety we face too often.

1 Sarvangsan Calms Your Brain !

Sarvangsan yoga asana makes you feel happy by increasing blood flow to the brain

When we lift our body to above by our shoulders force , this position of our body increases the blood circulation to the brain . This yoga position also makes you emotionally strong .

2 Bhujangasan Relaxes Your Mood

Bhujangasan benefits in mood elevation

We should be lying flat on our stomach . Then gradually raise your head  with your hand stand like seated as Kobra. This asana benefits us with  comfort , balance and relieves the nerves attached to the brain .

3 Sukhasan fills body with energy

Sukhasan benefits in tension

We should be squatted down and meditate to make the spine straight . This yoga asana is most easy among all but it  fills energy to your body .It increases concentration as well. People with Shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) can find this asana helpful.

4 Pashchimmottasan is anxiety buster

Paschimmottasana benefits in depression

We should spread our legs and hands down forward and bend to touch the leg with your head .This asana of yoga dispels the tension .

5 Halasan reduces stress level

Halasan benefits in stressreduction

The brain becomes sharper by this yoga asana because of blood circulation increase. It is beneficial for thyroid patients.The asana makes the whole body filled with energy.

6 Hastpadotasan makes you fresh and young

Hastpadotasan benefits in Anxiety reduction

We should stand straight and bend our body to the legs  trying to touch the earth . This yoga asana  increases the power and memory of brain.The increased blood circulation to face makes it radiant and young.It is greatly helps to relive stress level of the body.