5 Tips To Help In Anger Control

Anger is as dangerous to you as suffering from some disease. A person who is angry loses the ability to think wisely and can only think of disaster. When a person is angry he never thinks of forgetting what happened with him due to which he became angry. Instead he again and again thinks of the same thing and gets even more aggressive. He forgets that there are other alternatives to quite the anger and he just thinks of taking revenge from the person on whom he is angry.

This is where he goes wrong and spoils everything because a decision taken in anger is always proved to be wrong. There are various ways in which you can manage your anger and be calm and then take some decision. Following are some of the tips with the help of which you can control your anger.

Take a deep breath

The best tip to reduce and control anger is to take a deep breath when you feel angry. Do this at least for around 50 to 60 and while taking breathe do count your breathe so that you are able to completely focus on your breathing and this will calm down your anger. You will be able to divert your mind and stop thinking negative and finally you will feel quite relaxed.

Stop feeling guilty

The next tip to manage your anger is that you should stop feeling guilty about something which has caused you to be angry and even stop making others feel guilty. It is a common tendency of human being to make others feel guilty when you are angry on them. In this way you are harming others as well as yourself. Making everyone feel guilty for what they did will do no good either to them or to you. So you should always remember that making someone feel guilty is not good and that it is just a way to increase your anger.

Realize your Anger

Another good tip for controlling anger is that you should always realize that you are angry and make yourself understand that you can harm others at that time. You can just speak out loudly and tell yourself that you are angry right now. This will help you calm down your anger without making act aggressively.

Thinking Positively

Think positive and try to be positive at the time you are angry. Although it is very difficult but you should surely try to be positive. You should think that everything that happens happens for the good and there are even worse things that may happen. When anger takes control over you, you usually don’t come to know what to do and therefore tend think negative. Therefore you should go away from the place where you had developed anger and divert from mind from that situation and think positive.

Yes ! , Exercise

The best thing to do when you feel angry is to exercise. By doing so you release out energy. The energy which you were going to use for expressing your angry is now used in the physical activity and therefore you calm down and control your anger.