5 powerful protein rich foods to shed extra fat quickly !

Protein rich foods with low calorie content is the key to remove extra fat from the body. In essence, adapting to low carb and high protein diet burns your calories fast. Of late, Studies have revealed that proteins burn more fat than any other options [1] that you have recently tried. Depending on the amount and nature of the protein intake by you for a specified period of time, your end goal of achieving the perfect body can be attributed.

Getting fat without carbs: Protein rich foods to burn excess body fat

A healthy nutrition plan incorporating foods rich in protein equals a fit and perfect body. Proteins, significantly, helps in the process of burning excess calories by increasing the metabolism rate of the body.

Protein rich foods prevent obesity

Proteins helps to burn the body fat
Proteins helps to burn the body fat

Foods rich in protein help you protect muscle while also losing weight. Furthermore, the foods rich in protein boost fitness of the muscles and immunity along with the bodies’ anti-oxidant function.

HDl cholestoral building, leptin and insulin functions are augmented with the regular intake of foods high in protein. Conjointly , all of these work together to burn calories and reduce weight.

Protein rich foods, further more, help us keep feeling full, thus cutting down on the intake of snacks. They are the most indulging type which beats out fats and even carbohydrates. For example, two eggs at breakfast every-day increase metabolism, enhancing weight loss by 65%.

Protein powders and health effects

Of late , Some scary side-effects of protein powders have been discovered
Of late , Some scary side-effects of protein powders have been discovered

What food is rich in protein? The quickest conclusion we draw is Protein Powders.

Scientists off –late have found there can be scary side-effects to the use of protein powders. Ingredients in the composition of Protein Powders include added flavors, toxins and allergens that are actually harmful to your health. The heating process, done to incorporate the addition of preservatives, denatures the process making it useless for the body.

Alternatively , addition of fruits and veggies regularly in a balanced diet chart delivers faster results. An intake of just 46 grams per day for women and 56 grams a day for men, aged 19-70 respectively, suffices.

Meals cut down to a maximum of three a day with absolutely no snacking in between is, again, an effective technique.

Wondering which are the best foods rich in protein?

Here’s a list of the delicious protein rich foods –

5 Essential Protein Rich Foods For Fat Burning

5 Top Protein Abundant Food With Less Fat
Top Protein Abundant Food With Less Fat
  1. Turkey and Chicken breast—30 grams of protein are filled in every 100 gms. This helps tone your muscles as the metabolism rate is quite higher for them. Gorging has never been this fun in the weight-loss program.
  2. Soy and Tofu— Tofu and Soy, again, makes a person feel full for longer times thus enhancing the weight loss program. Half a cup of Tofu consists of 10 grams of protein. Soy protein is consistent of all essential amino acids and is a complete protein.
  3. Lentils—Lentils, to be specific, prevent blood sugar-levels from spiking while also keeping you full for longer periods of time. Above all, it processes the carbs in the body while keeping the cholesterol in check. This is the best option for the ones going vegan. Lentils provide you the flexibility of being incorporated with anything, anytime.
  4. Eggs—Eggs have always been proven to be a good source of protein. One large egg can guarantee you 6 grams. Regular incorporation of eggs in meals will help you lose fat faster and in a tastier way.
  5. Tuna and Salmon–An intake of every 100 grams of fish guarantees you 26 grams of protein intake. Fishes, hence, are naturally high in proteins while also being devilishly delicious. Moreover, they can also be incorporated in meals at any point of the day.

Keep gorging and smiling!