Frequent Urination: 5 Powerful natural cure to an enlarged prostate!

In Ayurveda natural medicinal system, home remedies for frequent urination aims to reduce testosterone levels

The enlargement of the prostate is a problem that mostly strikes in people of age sixty and above.

Nevertheless, around 30% people below the age of 30 are also affected. The prostate problem is mostly caused due to the enlargement of the prostate gland in men.

The prostate gland is responsible for many vital functions lie controlling the flow of urine and generation of semen for reproduction.

Initially, this gland is smaller in size but with the progressing of the age, it starts to develop.

A noncancerous enlargement in prostate gland causing uneasy bladder, urinary tract or kidney problems is termed as Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in the medical world. A frequent urge to urinate throughout the night (nocturia) is a typical symptom of the prostate issue. It affects sleep,concentration-coordination problems, mood alteration and, thereby, affecting greater health issues.

Causes of Prostate Enlargement and Obstruction

The development in the size of prostate gland makes urination difficult for men of older age. This is because the increased prostate size presses against the urine pipe causing obstruction in the flow of urine. The medical scientists have not yet been able to trace the reasons for the development of prostate after a certain age. It is suspected that the hormonal changes in the body might be a factor that triggers this condition.

Common symptoms of prostate gland disorder

  • An increased frequency in urination
  • A long delay in flow while standing for urination
  • A strong urge to urinate but the passing of little or no urine
  • Experiencing difficulty in passing out urine.
  • The Incomplete emptying of the bladder invites microbial growth.
  • Feeling of pain in the area between the scrotum and anus and testes
  • Inability to control urination.
  • An excessive nighttime urge to urinate
  • Unpleasant burning sensation while peeing.

Home Remedies for frequent urination

With aging, the testosterone levels increase in elderly people. As a result of this change, the prostate becomes enlarged. The natural remedies for enlarged prostate, in fact, focuses on reducing the spike testosterone levels.

#1 Flax Seeds powder

It is a very important natural medicinal source for the treatment of prostate gland issues. Make a fine powder of flax seeds and store it in a glass container. Take 20 grams of the powder daily with water for maximum benefits.

Some studies have even claimed that alpha-linolenic acid or ALA in Flax seeds even reduce prostate cancer tumors.

#2 Sugar Apple seeds 

The seeds of sugar apple contain important fatty acids along with copper, magnesium, manganese, iron, tryptophan, phytosterol and proteins.

The richness of zinc and beta-sterol in sugar apple seeds prevents Testosterone conversion to Dihydrotestosterone. As a natural home remedy for increased prostate size, alternative medicine practitioners advise to eat roasted seeds of sugar apple.

#3 Daily Soybean

It also plays an important role in getting rid of prostate problems apart from reducing cholesterol levels. A daily diet comprising of soybeans has been found to lower the level of testosterone levels.

#4 Drinking a lot of Water 

Most people do not understand the value of water in their lifestyle. As a matter of fact, a low or insufficient intake of water creates several body disorders. Alternative treatment for the prostate problem, drinking of more water benefits to a large extent.

#5 Avoid fat and cholesterol diet

Whenever you get a prostate problem try to stay away from fat and cholesterol-rich food. Include more tomatoes and lemon in your diet. These are rich in vitamin C and helps to decrease the prostate size.