31 Best Tips to Relieve Stress And Anxiety

Tips to deal with stress and anxiety

Reducing stress and anxiety from our everyday life is essential for our sustenance and productivity.

This is because stress is an emotional and physical response to the body which happens due to a sudden change in our life.In this situation , our brain does not get a proper rest and this disturbs our physical, mental and psychological functioning.An increased level of stress triggers cortisol hormone production gradually leading the person into depression.

Common Stress And Anxiety Symptoms

A person under stress begins to display identifiable emotional and physical disorders.In fact , there can be many symptoms for a person to be under stress.

The usual symptoms are – being unable to concentrate, restless, and sleep deprivation.

Also , these the common symptoms of stress

  • Trouble in falling asleep
  • Decreased digestive function.
  • Poor blood circulation causing fatigue , numbness , cold hands and feet.
  • Weight loss due to reduced nutrition
  • Fast Heart beat due to panic and anxiety.
  • Feeling tired all the time.
  • Feeling low all the time..
  • Sudden fat breathing.

Stress and Anxiety – reasons

It is difficult to answer what exactly causes stress.

There are broadly two major separations – biological factor and environmental factor.

Firstly , it can be genetic issue passing on from parent to child. Or , even a disease or illness effecting the brain.
Secondly , deeply distressing life events and experience  can cause stress and anxiety disorders.

Top causes of stress –

  • Breakup and differences in romantic relationships
  • Marital life troubles and discord
  • Racing against time to complete a work
  • Any serious illness
  • Poor economic condition
  • Family discord and issues
  • Sudden job change or fired from a job.
  • Worry about the kids
  • Someone’s death in close relationship
  • Debt
  • Cash crunch
  • unsatisfied with life.
  • Expectation of something not yet received.
  • Not able to fulfil dreams
  • Not able to clear an exam
  • Not able to find a job or suitable job.

Relieve Stress and Anxiety

If a stress is identified at the right time, it becomes easier to get of it.Anxiety might be a temporary phase in your like or persistent.It can go away or might go away and come back.One thing is sure , you need to handle the stress with a plan.

Relieve Stress and Anxiety - 31 Tips

Let us check out how to get out of stress with some of the most easy and yet effective tips.The only thing you need to do is apply them in your life to reap the benefits.

1. Balance Lifestyle

Type of Lifestyle can make a success or failure.

So , a correct lifestyle is essential for a healthy and successful life.

Go to bed early and get up early as early risers have additional benefits of having enough time to complete their work on time.

Do not forget to , do some yoga and exercise and always take nutrient rich healthy breakfast.

2. Make a List

Make a list of ‘things to do’ for daily tasks and act on it.Go for the most important work from that list first.

Do not delay tasks completion or else it will become a cause of stress later on.Think of completing at least one important work in a day.

3. Think Positive

Think positive in any situation because negative thoughts will not let you  solve any problem.Negative thinking affects our ability to work.

4. Get time for yourself

Continuous work make a life monotonous.It is necessary to break from this monotonous .

This break provides you a new energy and refreshment.

5. Socialize

Sharing happiness with the four relatives increases joy four times while sharing sorrow with four relatives decrease it by 1/4 times.Meet your relatives and well wishers quite often.

6. Help others

If you help a poor or needy person , the feeling of satisfaction will reduce your stress.

7.Get up early in the morning

Getting up late in the morning is the root of many troubles.It has a bad effect on our work and increases stress.

So , get a habit of waking up early.

8.Do exercise and relieve stress

If you do daily exercises, you get a lot of help in reducing stress.Because at the time of exercise and later on, our muscles are very well exercised and it gets comfort.Which makes us easy to sleep and our mood is also good.So daily exercise  is necessary.

9.Talk to friends

Whenever you feel you are in stress . You can then take help from your friends to get out of this tension.You can go to meet your friends or talk to them on the phone. When you talk to your best friends, your stress will be less.

10. Stay away from intoxication

When there is a person in stress, then he needs some support but most people do its wrong treatment and take the help of intoxication to come out of it, which is not quite right.By taking intoxicants (tobacco, alcohol), there is a considerable negative impact on our ability to think.Which increases our stress instead of less .

12.Eat bananas and reduce stress

Banana is considered to be the best fruit to relieve stress.It removes the stress and also useful for our health.This is very useful fruit. Therefore, you should use banana a lot.

13. Take potassium

Potassium is a mineral that helps in normalizing heartbeat and transmits oxygen to the brain.It also maintains regular water balance in the body.When we are mentally tired of stress, our metabolic rate increases due to which the levels of potassium fall in the body.To balance this again, we need high potassium substances.So you should use potassium.

14. Give time to your Hobby

Our hobbies never keep us alone.It keeps our desire to live inside and brings us positivity.That helps us happy.You took the time for your hobby (like; cricket, games, music, trevling, walking, dancing, painting) and ran away from your stress.

15. Bath with cold water

This is my most effective weapon to relieve stress.Whenever I get stressed, I bathed with cold water to get out of stress.Whenever you get stressed, you take bath with cold water.When the stream of cold water falls in our body then our body reduces the level of stress and within us, the harmons are produced to reduce the stress.

16. Take a deep sleep

Deep sleeping is the most appropriate way to relieve stress. You try it yourself. When we take a deep sleep, then we get a lot of relaxes and we feel better.Whenever you feel stress you take a good sleep. However, every person should take 7 to 8 hours of sleep in one day.

17. Do Yoga

Today Yoga is removing many of our diseases.Yoga has the power that can remove any disease.To overcome the stress, the importance of yoga increases even more because the yoga frees us from stress.You can do yoga to get out of stress, in which you can do Anulom , Vilom , take breathing fast inside and can leave out.

18.Learn to say NO

Most people speak unnecessarily yes to their friends or relatives many times. Which is not right, if you feel completely fit yourself then only say yes.Otherwise, do not put yourself in unnecessary trouble.First, give priority to yourself and then others.If you can not do anything better then never be ready to force it.

19. Connect with amusement related things

Man is depressed in stress. His face is sad. To get out of this you can connect with such things that make you feel better. You can watch TV, watch laughing serials, watch thousands of comedy videos in you tube, read Jokes and live with those people who specializes in laughing. In such a way you will feel good.

20. Meditate

Meditation takes a few minutes to meditate everyday.It will feel mental, emotional and physical relief.By meditating, the person reaches in a different world,  on  return from where he looks beautiful in his own world.Yes, when we are in meditation then we see our weaknesses and our strengths which helps in improving oneself.Meditation gives us a relaxed and the mind becomes cheerful.

21.Make the plan for roam

If you are in the hug of tension for a long time, walking will prove to be very beneficial for you.Walking brings a change in our life which removes our negativity and makes us positive.Plan your time out and walk nearby.When you get out of your environment, you will reach a new environment.Which will give you a new energy and you will be able to overcome your stress.

22. Listen favorite music

At the time of tension, you hear your favorite music.Music makes us calm and pulls us out of depression.You can listen  your songs according to your mood.Music has a lot of power which helps us overcome blankness and reflects our real life through music.So listen  music and relieve from your stress.

23. Adopt spiritualism

You must have seen the religious people and that is the zero level of the stress level.They get a positive energy from spirituality.You read the religious literature and read religious music.Spiritual things bring us out of negative thinking.

24. Never speak lie

Our tension of lying is very much related to stress.When we lie with any person, we do a very big crime and its punishment gives the court of our body that is our soul.Who knows everything.If you lie with a person, then it can be a reason for our stress.So avoid lying.

25. Read  good books

Yes, books can keep us stress free at the time of stress. You can read such a book that gives you a new education, you give advice to move forward in life, you can also read the biography of great people.Apart from this, you can also read our blog on the internet, which will teach you to live a new and better life.

26. Avoid useless matters

Most people live in tension because they compare themselves to others in which  their friends, relatives, colleagues live.It is never okay to do this.Because the condition of every person is different from us.Which is not mean much to your life.Put yourself in the same tasks or things that make you improve.It is okay to keep distance from useless words.

27. Neglect bad habits

Man’s life is such that he destroys his body by adopting bad habits.When we are born then we are healthy and all the organs of our body are all right.But we destroy our bodies due to our bad habits and a time comes when our body is full of these bad habits and the person dies.So you look up into yourself and see what bad habits are among you.

All people have some bad habit.So  remove your bad habits at time  otherwise you will have to suffer a lot due to the stress.

28. Do one work at a time

In today’s world, people want to settle every work quickly, because of which they think of doing all the work at one time and in this efforts ,they make a very big mistake.He can not focus on any particular work.Because of which all his work is not properly completed. The result is that the stress take them in its own hands.Avoid from  doing such and do the same work at one time.

29. Take good food and diet

Our good food is very important for good health.When we will eat well then we will get good thinking.Good and nutritious food help us  to get out of stress.If you are in tension for a long time, you should use plenty of protein, fruits and vegetables in your diet.Reduce the use of tea and coffee.

30. Focus on mental health

Our mental health is most affected when we are in stress. To cure mental health, we need carbohydrate, protein and fat.This is the main source of energy for our physical and mental health.Therefore, give priority to these things in your diet. When you have a good mind will you get good thinking.

31. Get advice from the doctor

Even after trying all the above mentioned tips, there is no shortage of stress so you should consult with the doctor about this.Tell him about your tension so he can help you completely.