10 Tips towards a peaceful sleep !

Sleep is nature’s greatest gift for us. For proper functioning of body sleep provides essential rest. When we go to bed after spending a hectic working day nothing seems more desirable than a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. Good sleep hours reenergize body and mind and we get up refreshed. For a healthy body and mind sleep is very important. Poor and disturbed sleep affects our ability to concentrate, work and interact with people. Sleep needs vary from person to person. An average 7 to 8 hours sleep is enough to make you feel fresh and alert.

Due to several reasons loss of sleep is very common among people these days. Several hours of wakefulness is experienced by many people due to stress, noise or any other reason like a particular illness. Long period of wakefulness may bring with it psychological changes like irritability, loss of memory, hallucination and some physical problems too. So to keep these problems at bay we should try to sleep according to our body’s needs. Taking simple rest by lying down on bed can also make your muscles relaxed but sleeping relaxes both your body and mind.

Various theories have been given to explain this natural phenomenon of body, some of them may have experimental evidence too. The temporary loss of consciousness, which we call sleep is induced by a reduction in the blood supply to the brain. The reason of drowsiness after taking a meal is also due to this diversion of blood from the brain to the digestive organs .But the real cause of this mysterious phenomenon is yet to be solved. Some natural chemicals in body and diet play a role in sleeping process.

The Tips ::

  • · Remember grandmother’s secret to enhance good sleep, “milk with honey”. Milk and honey are natural sleep inducer. Milk contains tryptophan which increases serotonin in brain which is a sedative and honey is a simple sugar that facilitates the entry of tryptophan into the brain. So grandmothers home remedy really works.
  • · Eating too much or too little before going to bed can disturb your sleep due to digestive discomfort caused by over eating.
  • · A high fat meal is something you should avoid before sleeping because indigestion and heart burn can make you restless.
  • · Eating late night also makes you wakeful because sleeping with full stomach causes discomfort.
  • · For some people caffeine can be made the culprit that disturbs sleep, avoid it in the afternoon and evening. Alcohol in small amount can help people fall asleep but heavy doses bring with it other complications. So better avoid it to get a peaceful natural sleep.
  • · To get a peaceful sleep avoid fluids after dinner or take dinner little earlier to reduce your chances to urinate frequently during the night.
  • · Keep your worries outside your bed room to invite a peaceful sleep because these two things (sleep and worries) cannot stay together.
  • · Avoid arguments, loud music and horror movies before sleeping, they stimulate cerebral cortex and keep one awake.
  • · If you are suffering from any sleep disorder like insomnia take advice from your doctor at first.
  • · Taking long nap during day can make you wakeful at night. Avoid it or take small nap.

Do not forget that a nice, attractive and clean bedroom also play a role for some sensitive people .Light colored bed sheets and light music also make you feel good and helps you fall asleep.